Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


32. Excuse ME

Zayns POV

   We walked in the hospital and i looked at Kenzies last text, "room 10 level 1." We walked for less then 1 minute and we stood in front of the door, "Wanna stay out here for a second or." I asked, "its fine," Louis mumbled, Harry opened the door and stood, I looked past him and seen Kenzie lips locked with i guess Ben. Liam pulled Harry away and walked off. I cleared my throat and they both stood up "zayyn,.. Niall." she said our names as she hugged us, "Hi im Ben."  He shook our hands, "Hey. Louis." Kenzie said quietly. I didn't hear a response. "i better go i dont wanna be late," Ben kissed Her cheek, "Love you," "Love you too Babe." He walked off, "Is she okay."  Niall asked, "Uhm yhea she is sleeping right now." 

    "Your sure its asma." I asked, "No not really the papers haven't came back yet but im pretty sure it is." She said playing with Briana's hair while she slept. "Im sure she will be okay." Louis reassured,
"Harry, Liam nice for you to join us." Niall said acting happy. Kenzies back was facing us and not the door, she didn't turn around just starred at me. Harry kneed down to Briana and Kenzie got off the bed and sat next to me, Liam sat other side of the room on the floor, Harry sat on the bed holding her hand, "Harry." Kenzie spoke. "Can i talk to you.. In the hall?"

Harrys POV

  "Can i talk to you.. In the hall?" Kenzie asked, i stood up and we walked out, "Uh," she looked away from me and pushed her hair away from her eyes. "Bri doesnt know who you are because she was only 3 months and, i didnt tell her yet, and im waiting so when she wakes please act like, a family friend or something," "really you think im gonna sit in the same room with my daughter, and not even talk to her." "Harry i-" "i dont care," "Harry, im telling her when she wakes up but Ben need to be here." "Ben?" "Myy Boyfriend," "oh yhea." "yhea,, wait, have you been drinking." i whispered in a yell, he stood silent, "You are so stupid, drinking in a hospital, -" "i dont need a speech. Liam already gave it to me." "whatever, please just dont act fatherly to Bri" She turned off walking to a different direction. I opened the door and went in and sat on a chair. "Wheres Kenzie." Zayn asked, "Went to the cafe i think." he nodded, "mom." i looked at briana, "who are you." "briana." zayn said sitting on the bed, "zayn." she said sitting up, "wheres mom." she said in a grumpy tired tone, "she went for food do you need anything." "are you real." she mumbled, "yes, im not in a computer this time." zayn laughed, she sat up to zayn and whispered, "who are they." Zayn sat up against the bed board with Briana, "this is Niall Liam Harry and Louis." she didnt answer just rested her had on zayns chest. Kenzie walked in, "sis, are you okay." Bri nodded, "i have to potty." Kenzie picked Briana up and walked into the bathroom. "She looks nothing like her self." i said, "She was bald harry." Liam joked, We all let a laugh and the door opened and Briana walked out Kenzie following behind.

     Kenzie layed in bed braiding Briana's hair as she fell asleep. The doctor walked in, "hello tests just came back." he whispered kenzie sat up more and the doctor began.

Kenzies POV

      "The MRI showed no sign of asma, " he took a long pause, my smile was huge cuddling Briana more, "but we did catch something else" My smile faded, "Briana has stage 2 lung cancer, thats why the tests took so long." 

Zayns POV

     "thats why the tests took so long," the doctor finished, My heart dropped, I looked at Kenzie who was letting tears fall every second, "doctor Brendan is coding." another doctor came in. He rushed out, everyone was silent the only sound was Kenzie crying, she held Briana so close. I stood up sitting on the edge of the bed hugging both the girls. Her sobs slowed and turned into sniffs. I looked at the clock, 4am. Ben came in whistling.  "excuse you." he said, Kenzie stood up leaving in a rush, "wha-at happened" Ben stuttered. Harry stood up leaving, I looked at Briana, Ben left i guess after Kenzie. "I cant believe it." Liam mumbled. We sat in silence for more then 20 minutes before Harry came back with Ben. "Wheres Kenzie." i stood. "Right out there." Ben said,

       I walked out seeing Kenzie sitting on the floor hugging her knees. "Theres a chair right there." i pointed looking for a smile, she looked up. I slid down the wall falling to my butt. "You okay?"i asked, She shook her head, "at least your honest." i said hugging her. 

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