Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


21. dreams and beeps

Kenzies pov

   It all flashed, "911 whats your em-" "He is back he is trying to get in my hotel room." I panicked holding Bree, "What level are you on ma'am." "2 id jump but have a baby." "Ma'am, she will be fine, We have police on there way," "Room 2O level 2." I looked at the ground and at the door Lyric was pounding against it. The door flung open, I squealed throwing my legs over, i felt a pair of hands pulling me back. "HELPPPPP/." i screamed in pain, I held Briana close to me i fought with on hand and my feet, he had me on the ground. "Shut up an-" I kicked him in the stomach and he fell over top of me i let go of Bri and pushed him off, i took Bri and  stood up, I felt him grab my ankle and pulled me down dropping Bri, I screamed her name as she hit the ground.  He stood above me towering me I kicked straight up and he fell back, I stood up grabbing Bri, She was awake and okay. I ran for my life down the hall, it was only 11:40, I looked back and Lyric was running after me, i turned a corner and bummed in to a man, He looked confused, "Help this man is chasing me." i said letting tears fall. He grabbed my wrist and pulled me to Lyric. "Got her." he mumbled, I looked and screamed, 'HELPPPPPp." Lyric pulled out a knife and dragged me back into the room with that man, "Please, ill give you anything." "Briana." he smiled. "Over my dead body." i spat, He showed the knife to fresh skin on my neck, "Okay, I kicked and screamed and held Bri under my body, "please.. p-please. dont." i cried, "Why are you doing this." He bent down to my ear, "your father." he laughed, "he isnt dead, last year he killed my sister. So now im killing you." He smiled and cut my neck in a small line, "a little reminder for your life." He yelled as the cops barged in. 

  I sat up in sweat, the boys were crowded around me, "kenzie..." I was breathing heavy. I flung to Zayns arms, "You didnt come." i let out a sob, "You promised," i cried again, "Uhm can you guys leave for a second," "Wheres Bri." "Niall has her," Niall said in 3rd person. I let out a sigh watching as Niall walked out holding Briana, "What happened." "i had a dream, Lyric." After explaining my dream i was in tears "It was so realistic.I felt it the pain in my neck i was waiting for you to come and you didnt." "Kenzie, it was a dream.. im here now." i didnt answer i just layed in his arms. He played with my hair, 

Zayns POV

    I played with her hair as the boys came back in, she fell asleep in my arms. "Is she okay." "Yhea it was a dream about Lyric." i sighed, "what about," I took a deep breath and explained the dream to them.

   I woke Kenzie up for breakfast, We all walked down to the cafe' in our pajamas and no shoes. We ate rather fast and was back in the room in matter of minutes.

Kenzies POV

     "Harryy, wheres Briana." i called from the bathroom, Harry walked in with her, "Whats up." "I Doctor wants a little Breast feeding in her body." i laughed, He put her in my lap. "Im scared." i smiled. "What do i do."   Harry laughed at me. "First, take out the "breast"..." harry laughed. I looked at harry, who was dead stare. "Stop looking," I said hitting him, "Kenzie, ive seen you naked before." "So, its different now." He closed his eye, "Do i just put it in her mouth." He nodded. "It hurts." i whined. I took Harrys hand and squeezed in pain, He opened his eys, "OW./" he pulled back, I pulled Bri off handing her to harry and held my boob., "Dick face." i said covering up again, "Im never doing that again." Harry laughed at me i kicked his thigh, "I hope you get hit by a hen." He laughed even harder. I stood up leaving harry with Briana, i couldn't hold back anymore my laughing went out of control harry walked out with a bright red face and laughing as much as me. Everyone laughed at us laughing

  We sat in a circle playing with Briana, she was smiling and we were trying to teach her to sit up by her self, Lou came with Lux, she she is helping Me learn everything. When it was just me and her she asked, "Can you breast feed." Harry turned to us, and we both started laughing, Harry came over to us, "Ohh this girl.. Breast Feed." and started laughing, i pushed him off me. "I hate you." he smiled kissing my cheek, "hate you too." he smirked. "Okay,.. HARRY come back you need to know this too." "Whyy.. i dont have a breast for that." he whined sitting down, "Take the nipple." Me and Harry both laughed hard, "Sorry." harry laughed, "So you take the nipp-" Me and Haz uninterrupted with laughs,, "Take the you know WHAT and Bri and she will  move her self around not hard." she said Harry and I had a smirk and holding in laughs. "Btw, i love your hair," She smiled. "Thanks, i think im gonna dye it natural again." Harry smiled. "Good, i miss it." I laughed at harry, "Well, Lux and I better go back to our room." She smiled standing up. "I'll see you guys tomorrow."She waved leaving. "Its 5 pm Kenzie, wear jeans and a loose tee okay. Im gonna go do a quick think and be back in 20." He kissed me softly and dissapered. I went in the bathroom and curled the ends of my hair and put on teared jeans and a loose tucked in sparkle forever21 tee and my navy blue toms, i dash of mascara and eyeliner and i took Briana from Zayn, "Mind watching her later," i said asking Louis,  i kissed Bri's forehead, Harry walked in "ready babe." He smiled, I kissed Bri one last time, "Keep her safe." harry mumbled  in Louis' Ear. 

   We arrived and a fancy resterant "If im here why am i dressed like this." He smiled opening my door, He took my hand, "harry," a man smiled opening the door, "Kenzie." the man said "Person."  i smirked holding a laugh, He smiled to me wanting to laugh, "Noo one is here." i whispered, "I know." Harry smiled. He sat me down at a table, "Harry you didn't have to do this." "But i wanted to,," i smiled to Harry. "May i have your Menus, Are you both ready." "Uhh, Id have a Sirloin Steak.:" Harry Said  "Sirloin Steak As well,"  i copied, He walked off,

"So, 21 questions." I laughed "Sure you first." i replied,

"curls or no."

"no, teal or brown." harry laughed at my answer

"brown, favorite color?"

"Teal, If you could only have 3 things on an island what would they be?"

"Food, Water and You., /.." After another 10 minutes of getting to know each other food came, "hmm, What do you wanna be, " i looked down and back at Harry, "Im not really sure." But i cant be anything, i have Briana. Briana. I miss her already.  Harry noticed, "Briana?" i nodded, "We can go home and forget the other thing i planned, "No, im fine." He nodded. "If you weren't in One Direction. What would you be?" "Id probably still work at the Bakery." 

  Harry took my hand, "ready." i nodded, "We are gonna walk New York." I smiled. "Leettss." We were in Times Square "I've always wanted to come here on New Years Eve." i smiled looking at the lights. Harry turned me to him, "k, dont make plans for anything new years eve." harry rested his forehead on mine, "Your beautiful." he whispered, "Yhea, I know." i smiled He kissed me softly forcing for entrance i smiled into the kiss,

   "Its almost midnight," Harry said, i nodded, and we headed back to the car. It took a good 15 minutes but it was worth it. We Arrived back to the hotel, i was laughing at Harry for his corny jokes. I opened the door to Niall running around and Louis holding Briana in the air and flying like an airplane, Liam came around with bubble guns shooting them at her. 'mmm.' i said softly, "maybe we should go." he pulled me out, shutting the door softly he held me against the wall kissing up my neck i wrapped my hands into his curl, "I love you." he said into the kiss, He picked me up and i wrapped my legs around his stomach.  "I Love You Too." i whispered. The door opened i looked over at Louis, Harry set me down, "urmm Im gonna go get Eleanor." harry rolled his eyes, "hmmk." i answered.  Once he was gone i let it out, "i hate her." "You have no idea," he said leaving me in the hall, I went in after., "Give me her," i said to Louis, He handed her off with a frown, I sat on the bed holding her untill we both fell asleep.

Louis' POV

  I arrived back to the hotel with Eleanor, it was 1am and i was tired like no other, El was sleeping, I woke her up and we both hand in hand for the paps.

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