Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


37. could have been a girl

Kenzies POV

    I kissed Nialls Cheek, "Ill miss you." i smiled to him, "Miss you too." he walked off, I looked at Harry who was already looking at me, He dropped his things coming up to me, "I love you." he whispered before kissing me on the lips, im so happy we are back together, "Remember im flying you out in 5 days, okay." he smiled i nodded, "I love you Harry." i said, He waved, I smiled to Zayn before he gave me a hug, "See you soon Kid." he walked off, "LIAM." i yelled, He ran picking me up, "Byee.," i laughed. He set me down, "Love yoooooou." "Love you too." i whispered in a cracking voice, He walked in the plane, "Bye Louis." i smiled, He kissed the corner of my mouth "see you later." He smiled. I waved them goodbye,Harry smiled before leaving. I walked off,  I felt a tug then i as on the ground, I was picked up and face to face with lyric.. I was just laying on the ground in shock i started screaming bloody murder, everyone stopped and looked, i backed away from Lyric some man pulled me up, Lyric smiled, "Get away." i yelled, "He is bothering you. " the man asked, "HE IS TRYING TO KILL ME." then everyone ran off, The man hid me behind my back, "I suggest you leave." the man said, guards tried getting Lyric, He pulled out a gun, "Now, ive been at this for what,, 4 5 years now." he pulled the trigger, the guy tighten his grip on me, "I always get what i want." he smiled, i hid my face, 'Sir drop the gun." a guard yelled. "DROP THE GUN." he yelled again, I heard a gun shot i looked around Lyric fell to the ground i heard another and the man in front of me fell, everything went so slow. I looked down and he was covered in blood, people pushed me out of the way and helped him, i walked up to Lyric who was grasping for air, "you lost." i whispered, in a cracking voice, i kicked the side of his face.

     I sat on my bed, "Harry, uhm call me when you get this."  i hung up, within seconds my phone went off again, "Harry."

"Hey. whats wrong." he asked,

"something happened today.. uh after you left Lyric showed up and well, he was shot the man that protected me was shot and yhea" i said a bit confused on how to say it.

"Did youu get hurt." he asked, "are you okay." he said worried.

"Im fine, im just, scared." i whispered. "Its all over the news. "

"Yhea im just putting it on,.,, they got it all on tape, at least we dont have to worry anymore." He said,

"what about angie and the others. " I said

"Dont worry, im sure everything will be fine. Zayn wants to talk to you, I love you./... Hey."

"Hey zayn,"

"You okayy." he asked worried,

"just shook up a bit."

"I bet, so one minute i need to go outside.... That man that helped you, did you get his name."

"No, why."

"Is he alive."

"I was at the hospital with him for a few hours but he never woke up, he is in a coma." I heard zayn sigh, "who is it."

"well, uhm i have to go now. Bye hope your safe." he said, and hung up. what is he doing.

*5 days later.*

  i boarded off the plane. I seen my name on a board, i grabbed my stuff and walked to it, "Kenzie, good." he took my bags, he showed me to the limo, I sat in, "HARRY." i yelled jumping for a hug. "Woaah there." he smiled, i gave him a kiss on the lips. I cuddled up to him the whole way to the hotel. We got out and we were swarmed by teenage girls. He covers me up with his hoodie because it was raining. We walked in the tour bus, all the boys gave me a hug, Then Zayn, he gave me a half smile and said hey, i was a little mad because he wouldn't tell me who he is. "Soo. tell us about, the airport." Niall said, "Well. it was scary." i said back, "No shit." Louis snickered, "But uhm he pushed me down then some guy helped me up and hid me behind his back and Lyric brought out a gun and everyone ran and he said he always gets what he wants. then he he pulled the trigger then a cop shot him then he shot the guy who helped me." i said, zayn got fidgety,.. "Uh," was all he could say, no one really talked after that.

    Harry and I were cuddling on the bed, he was being sweet and kind and kissing my neck, and whispering cute stuff in my ear while i laughed. He stopped when Zayn came in, "Kenzie, uhm, can i uhm talk to you." he asked slowly. Harry kissed the corner of my mouth and stood up to leave. "Whats up." i asked, "Well, we need to go somewhere, like a private place." he mumbled, i stood up grabbing my jacket, I followed him to his car, "i found this place yesterday." he said, it was a dark alley way. "uhm scary.," i chuckled, "yhea. but about this guy that helped you." "yhea???" i asked. "i dont know how to say this but you know him."  i kinda went blank, "no i dont ive never seen him in my live." "yhea he took care of you for most your life."   "what?" "Kenzie, uhmj, its your dad." i kinda went blank. "You dont even know my dad. He died in a car accident." i said defending everything. "No, he faked it."  "No,. No he did, he was in the casket." "Closed. Casket." he said slowly. I turned to face him, "So that could of been because his head was fucked up." i said a little loud, "Kenzie, He is your dad." i shook my head, "No he isnt." i said walking off, "Kenzie listen to me first." i stopped to face him, "He faked it to protect you. Lyric never wanted your dad, he wanted you. Know one knows why,." "SO YOU LIED ABOUT EVERYTHING." i yelled. "to protect you." "YoOU COULD OF DONE A BETTER JOB BY NOT LYING." "im sorry, " was all he could say, I walked off, "Kenzie." he yelled. "WHAT ." i turned to him, he was right there. "Lyric and your Dad were best friends as kids, something happened and they just split. Lyric came back to 'revenge.' your dad by getting you." "Why lie? Its doing you no good." i said calming myself. "Im not lying," he yelled, "Okay, get him out here " i said ," your dad. he was shot." "Your a million air you can do it." i spat. I walked off for the third time. I heard him behind me.

      I walked in the tour bus and went straight to the bathroom. I unlocked my phone, and a picture of Briana popped up. i called my mom. 

"Hey sweetie." he perfect voice sang,

"hey, how did dad die." i asked in a cracking voice,

"in a car accident. whats wrong." he voice changed to worried. 

"i uhm dont really know." i questioned myself. "Uhm zayn told me he is alive that guy who saved my life basically." i whispered in the phone, 

"no your dad is dead. im pretty sure." she said a bit weirdly, 

"but he had a closed casket." i whispered again,

"because half his face was gone."

"then how come we didnt have a proper funeral.. like going to the grave site."

"he was cremated." i just stopped asking questions, "Are you sure your okay?" she asked,,

"Yhea super fine. i love you." i hung up I sat on the floor resting my head back, what is happening, i stood up and walked out, Harry was on the couch in the back with everyone else, and Zayn was in his bunk, Harry looked at me, i ignored him and climbed in Zayns bunk, "okay so how come i didnt recognize him." i whispered for the otheres not to hear, "he dyed his hair shaved his beard, weird but got a nose job, " i nodded, "he is always watching you."  he sat up, "what?" "He is always withen a sprint distance of you." "then how come he never helps with this thing." he just shrugged, "tell me." i begged, "because he doesn't want you to see him." "ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS AND I WERE RAPED AND HE DIDNT WANNA HELP.." i yelled, he covered my mouth, the talking stopped out there, "he didnt know about that till i told him." i took a deep breath, "im sorry. for all of this." he whispered in a calming voice, while mine was cracking holding back tears, "can you get him here.. please." i smiled. he grabbed his phone, and dialed a number, and  handed it to me, "Hello." it was for sure my dad, i held it to my ear, "Zayn. You Okay." i threw the phone at Zayn,, "i cant-" i said jumping out,

    i ran out the bus sliding down the side, i cant believe i heard my dads voice after i thougt he was dead for so many years. The door opened, it was Harry, "kenzzah. whats wrong." he sat down next to me, "Zayn said something about he lied to you." he said in a comforting voice, i shook my head, i burled my face in his chest, he rubbed my back, i finally calmed down, "Zayn said my dad isnt dead." "we knew that." i stood up, "SERIOUSLY." i yelled."UGH." i yelled again, Harry stood up "no leave me alone." i whispered full of hate, He grabbed my hand, i pulled away. "Kenzie. You dont understand." "OH, I UNDERSTAND FUCKING WELL, THAT YOU ALL ARE A BIG BUNCH OF DAMN LIES." i yelled at him, "okay, well-" "JUST SHUT UP YOU ALL ARE PIECES OF SHIT. FIRST BRIANA, NOW MY DAD, AND HE MIGHT EVEN FUCKING DIE. YOU ALL ARE DICK WAZZS. " i screamed full of tears, "you dont know how much we wanted to t-" Harry was interrupted by Zayn. "Uh,, Your dad is fine." he whispered "whatever." i said, Harry and Zayn stood there for a second, "Ill just uh go in." he left. "as i was saying, we wanted to tell you but we couldn't." "Harry i really dont care." i spoke softly. My phone buzzed in my pocket.

"Derek." "Hello." i said, Harry rolled his eyes walking in.

"Where are you." 

"Uhm New York. Why."

"Your mom was shot." my heart dropped. "she is intensive care." 

"fucking serious." 

"I can fly you out." he said, 

"Uh,, first what happened," i asked calmly.

"this chick,, Angie. Shot her." I took a deep breath. "She is in the county jail till we sentence her" I grabbed my head falling to my knees, "Kenzie, You okay?" 

"Yea, uh,,, i fly out as soon as i can. I gotta go, thanks." i hung up, i sat there for a second grasping everything.. My dad is alive, and my mom might die. i stood up opening the door, everyone had ears to the wall. I grabbed my purse putting it around my shoulder, "Where you going." Harry asked, I didn't answer, i walked out. I heard them behind me, "Would you just leave me alone." i yelled, "what happened," Zayn yelled at me, "holy shit." niall said, I turned around, and gave him a death glare, I started walking again, I called a taxi, and got in, "Airport." Harry stood my the window, "Your leaving." he asked, "Ready." the taxi driver asked. "Yhea." i nodded, Harry hit the door with his foot, we drove off, "Was that styles." he asked, "Yep." "And your leaving him." "i think." 

   I gave him money, and walked in, the airport was full of people, i pushed my way through people and got to a desk. "When is the earliest flight to Detroit Michigan, "Michigan... Uhm Michigan is having a storm so not anytime soon. Maybe in two day?" she said more in a question, i nodded, "Thanks anyway." i walked off, how. how in the world. I grabbed my phone and dialed Derek

"I cant get out there." i said in tears, 

"what why."

"The storm." i heard him sigh. 

"Well, im with your mom, and so is some family." 

"Thanks Derek."

"No prob, i gotta go though i hope to see you soon." I hung up and called a taxi, "Bay Shores Road." "okay." he drove off. We arrived at the bus. "Here." i handed him money and got out, I opened the door to the bus. I set everything down. "Kenzie." i heard, it was Niall. "yhea." Niall came out, "DUDE. harry is gonna be pissed," "where is he." He just shrugged, "Call him." he nodded, "Yhea she is here.... okay... bye.. he said he is on his way back. " "Where are the others." "In the back." i nodded, "So what happened." I sat down, 'Uh,.my mom was shot." he sat down next to me, "Who. uhm did it." "Angie. " was all i said before my eyes got watery. "Im sure she will be fine." "I just dont get why my life is so fucked up."  i whispered, He put in arm around me. pulling me in a hug.

   Harry came in pissed, "Your seriously gonna yell at me then come cuddle Niall." he yelled, "Harry no." Niall mouthed "No, if you love him so much. Why dont you just date him." "HARRY just shut up okay." Niall yelled, The others came out, Niall stood up, "Sit back down she is crying she needs to cuddle her boyfriend." "WOULD YOU SHUT UP, HER MOM WAS SHOT." Niall yelled at Harry, "IF YOU WOULD JUST FUCKING GROW UP AND STOP JUMPING TO THE END OF EVERYTHING SHE WOULD OF TOLD YOU THE SECOND YOU WALKED IN." Harry went blank, I stood up and went in the back of the bus i cuddled myself in blankets and pillows crying into my knees.i heard the door open, I felt arms around me, "you okay Kid." it was Louis. i turned to face him, "where is harry." i whispered in sobbs, "talking to the others want him?" "no." he gave me a small chuckle, "im sure your mom will be fine. Where did she get shot." i just shrugged, He layed next to me pulling me in his chest for a cuddle. I was crying in his chest. "can i tell you something?" he asked. i nodded, "i maybe kissed Harry 3 days ago." "thats fine." i smiled in his chest, "Your not mad." "Well kinda but no, i mean it  could of been a girl." He kissed the top of my head, "Im sorry." he whispered. "Night/" i whispered, closing my eyes, the last thing i heard was, "Night kid, "

   I woke up in Harrys arms, Louis must of switched up. I sat up causing Harry to wake up, i was still kinda mad, i got up and walked out, everyone was up. I sat by Louis cuddling up to him in a blanket, "you okay." he asked a bit scared, "ya." i whispered closing my eyes.

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