Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


38. and who are you

Kenzies POV

   I woke up for a second time today. I was still cuddled up with Louis, Harry was sitting on another couch, he looked at me when i sat up. "what time is it." "almost 4." louis answered. "why didnt anyone wake me up." i almost shouted, "why would we, " "I need to get a plane ticket." i said putting Harrys shirt on over my tanktop. i went in the back and put on jeans and my slip on vans. I walked back out grabbed my purse and phone, "Ill come with." Louis stood up. I kissed harrys cheek, Louis and I walked out, the fans started screaming from the road, We got in the car and Louis drove off.

  "uh,, one ticket to Detroit Michigan i guess." i asked, "okay the storm is supposed to be over tonight want one for tomorrow night?" i nodded, "okay" i handed her over 200 dollars. "here ya are." i took it and Louis and I walked off, "Have you flown alone before." i shook my head.

    Louis and I walked in the bus, everyone was gone. "What time is it." "uhm 7." He puffed out air, "the concert." i gasped, he nodded, he grabbed his jacket and ran out, the concert was right here but took like 10 minutes to get in. I ran with him, "when does it start." i asked while running and catching up to him. "like 20 minutes ago." He grabbed me hand and ran faster, My heart was pounding. We made it to the gate and jumped over. He ran right in the back door. He ran a bit slower but we made  it. "Good luck." i said before people swarmed him. "where were you. here is your mic, go/" i heard from different voices. i moved my way up and watched him walk on stage. Harry looked over at him with hate. i sat down watching it from the tv the had. "Ayyee, there he is. Late to his own concert." Liam smiled in the mic, "What were ya doin'?" harry asked sorta cheeky but you could hear the hate roll out. Louis gave him a glare. "me; we got stuck in traffic dont blame him. we didnt do anything." i texted Harry. I looked up at the screen and harry was reading his phone, "traffic aye." Louis kinda nodded, i took a deep breathe, "we will see/." he texted. i put my phone in my pocket.

     The boys walked out, people took there mics and everything, Harry walked past me, i stood up and went after him, "Harry stop." i yelled, "Whhy, im not stupid." He said, "We didnt do anything. " i said catching up. "Oh really,.. really." i nodded, "okay." he grabbed his phone out and scrolled threw stuff, "i get CNN to my phone." he put it in my face, i stood there, "thats not what fucking  happened." i cussed., "Yhea.K" he walked off. I turned around to Louis. I walked past him. I went to the tour bus.

"is she up." i asked. 

"Yhea, she is fine. Wanna talk to her." Derek asked.

"yes." i smiled in the phone.

"sweetie." i heard, her voice was cracky. 

"Hi mom." i said in tears, 

"Oh baby, dont cry, im gonna be okay."

"Im flying out tomorrow."

"You dont need to. Im fine, im leaving tomorrow."

"I thought it was bad." 

"Thought... im fine, once they cut me open it didnt wound anything." i felt her warm smile. 

"Are you sure? I could help you around." 

"No im fine, " 

"finee. I love you."

"I love you too sweetie." i hung up, I layed in the back, the boys wont be back for probably 10 minutes. I layed there with my hands over my eyes.. Minutes past and everyone was in, i rolled around trying to sleep. I rolled up in a little ball and closed my eyes.

   I woke up checking my phone.. Nothing. it was 7 am. i walked out and no one was awake yet. I put on a jacket and went out. I walked down to starbucks,. ordered and sat down. I called up my mom

"Mom, How are you."

"Sleeping you." she said in a grumpy tone

"Well, i think Harry and I broke up."

"What happened."

"Me and Louis went to buy a plane ticket-"

"I tole you im fine."

"It was before that, but on our way back we stopped to get food, and he was whispering the girl ahead looked like an dinosaur and someone took a pic nd made it look like he was kissing me." i said fast. "we didnt kiss. AT ALL." i said

"tell him."

"He wont even talk to me. I wanna come back." 

"nope, im not letting you. Fix it.. He loves you."

"i know, i love him too but he is getting really protective now."

"Because he doesnt want to lose you."

"Wepl he is pushing me away."

"No he isnt. Just go and fix it, Ill call you when i get home. i love you."

"i love you too." i hung up.. I sat there drinking my smoothie. When i finished i threw it away, i walked back,  i was weird,, walking alone. I opened the tour bus door and sat in the main area, i played on my phone feels like for hours,.. Harry came out giving me a look and sat down. "Can we please talk." i asked, "Nothing to say." he said coldly.. "well i have tons. it was photo shopped, you know how the paps are. Harry. I love you..." he didn't say anything. "He was whispering on how the lady in front of us looked. " he didn't buzz. "harry." i whispered. Louis and Liam came out and sat. i leaned back in my chair giving up. Harry stood up and left, "he okay." Louis asked, "yep.. perfect." i stood up following him, He was walking down the road, "HARRY." i yelled. He turned around to me, grabbed my chin and slowly kissing me. "Do you believe me?" he shook his head, "im not sure yet. " "Then what was that." "We arent done. We are still together,, can i not kiss my girlfriend" i couldn't help but smile, "Please just ask louis.. I promise i didn't kiss him." he smiled a little, withen seconds we heard screaming, "Go in and ill be in like 10 minutes." he said over everything i ran up to the bus and watched him talking to everyone, i walked in sitting.

   Harry came in with a smile. Everyone was up now, it was really silent, "Liam and I are going shopping, who wants to go." Zayn stood, everyone said yea but me and Harry, "okaayy. we will be back soon." They left, Harry looked at me, "can i ask you something." i asked a bit slow. "sure," "uh,. do you still have feelings for Louis?" he turned his head, "Look, i know he kissed you. I just dont know what to think about i mean, it could have been another girl but it was Louis." "Kenzie./." I looked in his eyes, "i kissed louis." i fell back in my chair, "i kissed him and he kissed back stuff happened., and well he said he would tell you he did it to me so we wouldn't fight..... say something." "i uh,." i was kinda flabergausted, my boyfriend had sex with my best friend.. Louis. "IIm sorry." he whispered,

   Harry and I just sat there, i cant believe it. Harry cheated on me, i havent really talked since he told me nither has he,. we are just sitting here in silence, i looked at my hands most the time we would sneak peeks so often. The others came in laughing, everyon stopped you could feel the tension. "is everything oookay." Liam dragged, we didn't answer, i glanced at Louis he was dead straight at me, i didn't want to look at him i didn't wanna be with harry. i looked back at my hands, Harry stood up and went in the back, I stood up glanced at Louis pushed him aside and went outside,  within seconds fans flooded the gates, i walked around the bus and started to the park down the road, fans started following, one catched up with me, "Im Hannah, are you okay. " "Im fine, " "Can i have a picture," I leaned down to her, "thanks." i smiled to her she ran off screaming, "can i have one too." I leaned down to another girl, she then ran off, i continued walking and giving people pictures every minute. I reached the park, some fans followed, "whats your names." i asked., "Amanda Sydni, Lola, Briana." they all said, I looked at briana, "Yhea, i know." she whispered, they all were around my age, 

  After a while of talking they all left. I stood up and started walking back to the bus, Paparazzi were all over the gates, i walked in the bus, Harry was right there he grabbed my hand, "dont touch me," i whispered, he didn't let go, "Dont Fucking Touch Me." i yelled in a cracking voice before tears filled my eyes, All the boys rushed out, Harry dropped my hand, i looked at Louis, and back at harry, it was really awkward. i had no idea what to say or to even think, Liam grabbed Niall and Zayn and went outside, We all just stood there. "what now." Harry asked, "uh,. " was all i said, i just kinda looked away from both of them. Harry came to my face, and grabbed my chin slowly and kissed me softly. "i love you." he whispered. "i uh. love you too."  i whispered back.  He backed away slowly, Louis kinda stood there, "thanks louis, for saying that." i fakly smiled, i walked outside and the boys were talking about harry and I. I hugged Niall  Zayn then Liam, "So." "I think we are done." i nodded. "im sorry." "Its fine." We heard yelling from the bus, i let my head fall. "Hey, you love him,, fix it." "why so he can do it again." i asked, "Niall is right, just go try." "i dont wanna, i cant even look at him with out wanting to kill them both." "What happened." Zayn asked, Niall and Liam just chuckled, "Just go in there." Liam pushed me, i opened the door, and walked in, I grabbed Harrys hands and pulled him up, I closed my eyes and kissed him softly, We moved together perfectly. He pulled away with a short smile, "you forgive me?" i slowly nodded. He grabbed my waist pulling my up i wrapped my legs around his waist i pulled away, "this doesn't mean we start off perfect again, i still hate you... both." he just smiled before kissing me again. 

   I looked over at Louis sitting there talking to Liam, then at Harry talking to Zayn then i turned to Niall who was talking to me, i wasn't paying attention it was just about the concert. My phone rang in my pocket, Niall stopped so i could answer,



"Uhm, who is this." i stood up, everyone paided there attention to me as i walked in the back. 

"Who is this?"


"Anyyywayy, im just glad to hear your voice."


"You have no clue."


"thats good.. wanna meet me at starbucks."

"Not really."

"Do it." he said with evil in his tone.


"Now." then he hung up. I am so confused, I walked out, "uhh Zayn, wanna come to starbucks with me." i asked with confustion,  "Uhm sure." "Harry come with," i said in the same tone, "Ookay." he said confused also. We started walking, Harry opened the door for us, Zayn bucked up in front, "stay here okay." then sat in a booth, "uh. why are we here." "uh,m that phone call, he said to meet him here." Zayn started walking to us, "wanna go?" he asked, "UH, who was that." i asked, "Some guy." he said pushing me, I moved and started walking to the booth i looked back at Zayn, who was buffed up, i looked at the man who looked at me, "Kenzie." he stood up.

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