Its.... You?

One day Kenzie is chatting on Twitter with her friend Issac. Little does she realize Issac is in the biggest boy band in the world. She falls in love with him via internet but when they finally build the guts to meet They are both disappointed in what they see. They both Come clean in truth,, but will her past catch up.


17. A A R P wut

Kenzies POV

  "Ohh can i come." Erica asked.. "Idk,, Id have to ask." i said "THEN ASK WOMAN."  I nodded with a tiny laugh I went in the bathroom and played with my new lip piercing Erica gave me. 

"Hey hazza did i wake you."

"Yes but its fine."

"good i was wondering..... Can my friend erica come. She just got back to town and i missed h-" 

"Sure." he said as i put my hand threw my new hair.

"Thanks what are you doing."

"nothiingg imma go, kaye? ill see you soon."

"Bye Harry." I hung up and  teased my hair a bit more and walked out, "Wear these." Erica said Pale Skinny jeans and the ready set tee with black converse. I closed the door and i put it on, i actually did like this style,, scence/emo.. I fixed my makeup and teal hair and walked out. "Soo." she asked. "I really like it." i said i looked in the mirror and she handed me eyeliner, 'Little bit more." she asked. "No i think im good with light." i answered. "I have to go to my house and tell my mum bye. and get clothes." "No its fine ill bring clothes for you, to match your look." She said. "Ill call my mum then,,"

"Heyy mum, im going to america.. Harry,-"

"Baby Daddy?"

"yES MOM.. Well anyway something went up and he needs me."

"I love you please dont stay to long.. i wish you would come and say bye." she said making me feel bad.

"I know  but plane leaves in 2 hours and i have to go early. I love you ill call when i land promise."

I hung up and Looked at our bags, 3 suitcases. "HOLY HELL ERIC" "This is mine this is yours and this is shoes." she said pointing at the three.

  *Next day*

We boarded on the plane and buckled up as the person at our part said, "Ive never been on a plane." the woman next to us said. "Nither have i soo, we can do this together." i said smiling. She was probably my age, really nice blonde hair and no piercings. She grapped my hand as the plane rattled. I closed my eyes and squeezed also.. "Im Hannah." she whispered of fear. "Kenzie. Nice to meet you." i said peeking a bit. "Okay ladies and gentlemen you are free to rome your cabins." I heard, I opened my eyes all the way and undid my belt "God i hate planes." she laughed. "Where are you off too." She asked. "America, Uhm i think Indiana." "Me too." she smiled. "Uh, How old are you." i asked " 20. wbu." "19" *I FORGOT HER AGE SO SHE IS 19 NOW..;p lol**

She was really pretty, "You Kenzie Kaye?" she asked. "Yep, Harry Styles is my baby daddaa." i laughed. "Oh god i love him." "That makes one of us." i mumbled "Hmmm." 'Never mind." I looked at Erica who was passed out. I looked out the window, "So, Why you going to Indiana." "Harry wants to see me."  i smiled. "Ohh, Isnt he a charm??" she asked "He is something." i laughed, 

  We both had mini convos of nothing, "Im gonna try to sleep." she said. I nodded "okay. ill wake up when we land." i smiled. i looked out the window the rest of the ride. "Hannah." i said nudging her. "Seatbelt." I said softly. She put it on resting her head back. I looked at Eric who had her seatbelt on from earlier. I looked at the window and the ground came faster and faster...

  We landed safely and me and erica got off, "Yea just text me later." i said to hannah walking away. "Wheres Zayn." i asked myself. We were outside and a car drove to us Zayn got out and put our bags in fastly and got in again, I got into passenger and Erica in the back, We drove off slowly. "Your Hair." he laughed. "You like." i asked in a weird tone, "Its different." "OH Zayn this is Erica.But call her Eric." I smiled. He looked back at a red light, "Hi im Zayn." She smiled softly, "Hi." He drove off. "How Long of a drive." i asked "1 hour." He answered. "How is Harry." I asked "Uhm, later that night.. Him and Louis fell asleep together.. Not like sex but just fell asleep.But when Harry woke he cried and cried, and cut again." He said softly. I Looked at my hands. "He is an idiot." i mumbled for only me. "Like really, we cant he just handle it in another way." "He fell asleep with Lou again though when Louis found out again." He said slowly gripping the wheel tighter. "Was he awake when you left." He shook his head. 

  We arrived at the hotel, When we got out zayn grabbed my fastly and pulled me in a hug, "I missed you like crazy." He said "I missed you too.:" i laughed, i kissed his lips softly and he kissed back. I felt a push i looked at Erica giggling. I kissed Zayns cheek "Lets go." Erica said. We started walking up., "Level 6 room 300." Zayn said handing me the key since i had the tiny back. I put the key in and set my stuff down to the side, Louis jumped at me, "KENZIEE." I pushed him off "Im mad at you." i said harshly. Liam came to me but i blocked him, Then Niall then Harry was leaning on a door, I ran to him jumping on him, "I hate you." i whispered. "So she is mad at us but is nice to the dick." i heard. "Im not mad at zayn HE CALLED." i said in a bitchy tone. "Me and Harry are going to a little walk in the hotel." i said looking in his eyes. "Oh uhmm Boys this is Erica,  Erica this is Louis aka dick Liam aka fagg, Niall aka Irish cock licker and Harry." I said, "Be back in an hour or soo." i said pulling harry He pulled back "Wrist." he frowned. I pulled him in a hug kissing his cheek. "Sorry." I frowned back.  "Lets go to the gym and talk." he whispered. I nodded slowly taking his hand in mine.


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