Through closed eyes

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  • Published: 25 Jun 2013
  • Updated: 7 Jun 2013
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For inspired by a song contest. Song: Pompeii
This is about the world where light shines through closed eyes.


1. Through closed eyes

          Your eyelids droop wearily, as you float away to dreamland.

Your head sinks into the pillow, and the rest of the world drifts away.

The quilt consumes you in warmth, as your body fades away and you are plunged into a strangely welcoming darkness.

Soon the darkness changes to light, a dark light, and your dream instantly transforms into a horrible nightmare, one that seems almost familiar, although you've never had this dream before.

Even though you are in an entirely new planet, it almost feels like nothing has changed at all.


   You're on your own, your heart hammering in your chest, threatening to explode.

Everything seems so real, and it feels like your whole life is on the line.

You are in a city, a city that you love, but something horrible is about to happen, and you know it.

It almost feels like you've been here before.

Then it happens, the volcano erupts, and the sky is filled with orange flame.

The walls around you crumble to the floor, and clouds of ash roll over the hills.

Darkness is everywhere, surrounding you and your beloved city.

There is no need for you to run, because you know that you will not be harmed.

Though you are still filled with pure terror.

Through your closed eyes, it almost feels like nothing has changed at all, and it almost feels like you have been here before.


   You cannot manage to bring light to your heart, or banish the grief you feel for this city that you have never seen before this moment.

You are lost in this world, and you know it.

For a moment, the explosions cease, and the dust settles around you.

But only for a moment.

Your beloved city is crumbling down around you, and all you can taste is the clouds of ash, coming from above.

You close your eyes and it feels like nothing is changing at all.

When you open them again, the explosions have stopped, but part of you knew that would happen.

You have always been an optimist, but in this moment you cannot see the bright side.


     You begin thinking about where to begin. In the rubble of this ruined city, or in your terrible sins.

The ash is still strong in your mouth, and the remaining walls hit the floor.

Through your closed eyes, it almost feels like nothing has changed at all, and it almost feels like you've been here before.




       But now your eyes are open, and it's time to rise and shine.

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