The Survival

This is the story of the survival of a girl who was being harboured by fugitives wanted across the country for kidnapping, rape and murder. This is the story of her encounters with these men and how she survived it. Did she escape? Did she survive without scars? Is she mentally stable? Can she escape her own mind??


2. Tied

I could hear muffled noises all around me, the clatter of movement and the low laughs and sniggers of men. My head seemed to be spinning and when I tried to lift it, it felt as if someone was driving a jagged dagger through my skull. I winced. The laughing stopped. My eyes opened. I looked up and found myself staring straight into the eyes of the giant with the rasping voice. He smirked with half of his mouth showing chipped and yellowed teeth from years of crime, fighting and bad hygeine. I remember his breath. It made me shrink away from him, I don't quite know what the scent was, but I knew what it made me think. Death. I am going to die here, and noone will know. I lowered my head, I could not stay with my eyes locked on that man, that thing. As I looked down, I could see thick rope binding my trembling body to a cold, hard metal chair, I tried to move my hands to manoeuvre the knots, but they would not cease, I felt as if I was suffocating, the starkness of the room did not help, it hurt my head. There was nothing I could do, the men seemed to have no interest in me, not yet, anyway. But then it hit me, what were they waiting for? Or who were they waiting for? Whatever it was, I was dreading, but I knew that I would, inevitably find out one way or another. I tried the swallow and found that it was impossible, my throat way burning with thirst and I could feel the sides of my trachea scraping against each other. I shivered in pain and longing for someone, anyone, to give me water, but no one did. And then I saw him. It. The monster who was to be my judge, jury and executioner. His dark, humongous figure entered the room, sending a ripple of hush amongst the men in the room. At that moment I knew. I knew. This was who they had been waiting for. The monster.

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