The Survival

This is the story of the survival of a girl who was being harboured by fugitives wanted across the country for kidnapping, rape and murder. This is the story of her encounters with these men and how she survived it. Did she escape? Did she survive without scars? Is she mentally stable? Can she escape her own mind??


3. The Man

He stalked towards me, a hunter surveying his prey. He stopped two feet from me and cocked his head to one side, scrutinising me with his eyes - those eyes. I will never forget them. So light and so piercing. I would never have thought something human could own those eyes. They were almost godlike. I caught myself finding them so beautiful and recoiled in disgust. I stared at the rest of him. Taking in his smoothed back, greasy black hair; his high cheekbones and pallid colouring; his long limbs; his height. The sheer height of this man, this thing, I refused to believe he could be real. But my senses disagreed. I could smell the peppermint in his breath, feel it hot upon my cheeks. If I couldn't hear his laboured, rasping breaths, I would think he was some mystical undead creature of the night. But if I didn't know he was simply a man then, I was certain to find out. He whistled once. A high-pitched shriek of a whistle, almost like a banshee. Not a word was said as the men stood up and began to file out of the stark room, before the last man left, he turned back towards me, licked his lips and gave one final snigger. I felt my eyelids drop and my body begin to rock with sobs and panic. I wanted to be strong, but could find no reason why I should be, why do I have to die with dignity? It's not like anyone would know. Unfortunately, I was wrong. I was not to die that day. But to encounter something much worse.

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