Forbidden Love

Tara and Crispin love each other but they aren't allowed to be together. As the son and daughter of rival rulers of two kingdoms they are forced to take drastic measures to be together. Even if it means giving up the throne.

Based on the song Love Story - Taylor Swift


3. The Promise

I was awoken the next day to my mother gentle shaking. As I opened my eyes I saw my mothers calm soft face smiling down at me. I was in my own room instead of the cold damp prison cell. As I sat up I became aware of a pain in my shoulders from where the guards held me away from Crispin.

My mother handed me a drink and then a letter.

The black cursive writing of Crispin caused my heart to jump slightly. I handed the glass back to my mother and opened the letter, it read:

My dearest Juliet,
I have become aware that our relationship will never be approved of in our fathers eyes
as much as it pains me to tell you this it has become necessary
My Father has grown ill, and I fear that with my fathers passing it will not bring us closer.
I believe that your father will try everything in his power to stop us from being together.
Once your father has passed also only then is the time that we, can finally be together
My princess. I promise I will come and we will be together.
I will wait for you, and we can run together.
I wait on the outskirts of town outside the blacksmith, tomorrow night.
I will be there my love
Yours truly
Prince Crispin

My eyes had filled with tears and the paper was becoming wet with them.
"mother send him a letter back" I ran to my desk and picked up my quill I wrote fast not caring about grammar or spelling mistakes. this was more important. I wrote:

Dear Romeo,
I will meet you then, tomorrow night and we shall run away together and be happy
I fear I will not be able to sleep as excitement fills me.

Yours forever

Romeo save me, they're trying to tell me how to feel
This love is difficult, but it's real
Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess
 It's a love story baby just say yes


when I finished my letter I pushed it into an envelope and signed the envelope with my name. I then gave it to my mother who hugged me with happiness.
"not a word of this to your father or we will both be hung" and with that she left, I danced around my room with joy. this was really happening, I would have my prince and my own fairy-tale would be complete.

The next night, I woke late. I dressed and then crept out of the castle
I retrieved My horses and departed the castle for the outskirts of town. When I neared the blacksmiths shop nerves began to bubble surround my stomach. Crispin hadn't yet arrived which made me even more nervous.

I got tired of waiting
 Wondering if you were ever coming around
 My faith in you was fading
 When I met you on the outskirts of town


After about an hour of waiting my hope was beginning to leave me and then I saw him. Him and his mother coming towards us on horses. I had forgotten what his mother looked like, she was a beautiful woman, with long brown hair much like mine. Crispin de mounted his horse and walked over to me. he kissed me firmly and then embraced me.

"Crispin where have you been? I thought you weren't coming"
"I know im sorry, but I had some business to attend to. My mother is here as I asked her to be."
"why whats going on?"

Romeo save me I've been feeling so alone
 I keep waiting for you but you never come
 Is this in my head? I don't know what to think
 He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring


Crispin got down on one knee and pulled out a red velvet box
"Listen, Ive spoken to your father. and after much battle he finally gave me his blessing. That's why my mother is here, your mother is on her way to. To be a witness at our wedding before our official wedding will take place...Will you marry me?


Marry me Juliet
 You'll never have to be alone
 I love you and that's all I really know
 I talked to your dad, go pick out a white dress
 It's a love story baby just say yes


The feelings inside me poured out of me. My eyes wept the tears only happiness brings my happy ending would come true.

My mother arrived and together with Crispin and his mother we rode to the chapel in the village and we were married.

18 months later on the 26th of February I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Cliona Amaila. She looked just like Crispin but with my hair. Crispin's father had past away the December before Cliona was born. It was a sad time but we both got through it. Cliona was brought up forever hearing stories of her Grandfather, and how two kingdoms once lived in hatred of each other in a time that she had never been a part of. The feud that our ancestors had started had extinguished with the wedding of Crispin and I. The island lived in peace and friendship as Crispin, now King of his Kingdom and my father decided to abolish the idea of two separate kingdoms. My father stepped down as King the month after me and Crispin were married and I took his place as Queen. Me, Crispin and Cliona now live in a palace which was built after our wedding. Our parents still live in their palaces in which they originally lived. The people of Calyptica are happier as the two; once feuding families now live in harmony with each other.
In the end my father got over his anger when he realised we were happy. He begrudgingly gave Crispin his blessing as he knew it would not matter if he gave it or not. He saw the determination in me and Crispin that we would fight to be together and he gave in.
Make what you desire worth fighting for because it makes it so much easier to get it. I knew Crispin and I were meant to be together ever since I was 6 and he helped me sneak into the other kingdom. Ever since then I dreamt of marrying him and now I have. And we're happy.
I have my fairy-tale. Make sure you get yours.

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