Forbidden Love

Tara and Crispin love each other but they aren't allowed to be together. As the son and daughter of rival rulers of two kingdoms they are forced to take drastic measures to be together. Even if it means giving up the throne.

Based on the song Love Story - Taylor Swift


2. Running away

The next morning I woke I found myself in a dungeon room. I heard footsteps then the metallic click of keys in a lock. The door to my prison opened to show my father. He looked angry.
"How dare you disgrace the family"
"Disgrace? How dare you dishonour the code of the Civil Day Festival"
"Silence. You have disgraced me and your mother. The whole kingdom is in disgrace, because of you and that boy"
"That boy is called Crispin and happens to be the only sane person around here, as everybody is crazy enough to live by this ridiculous law of 'no fraternising with the enemy'" I said mimicking my fathers voice
"Even so Tara. I forbade you to speak to him when you were young and you broke that, therefore. you are imprisoned"
"Silence. What's done is done" He stormed out and left the door open, I kicked the wall in anger. My mother stood watching me from the entrance
"I'm sorry Tara"
"That your father is stupid"
"Excuse me?" I said in disbelief
"When me and your father met our parents didn't allow it. I was from the other kingdom. your father from this one. What happened to us is what's happening to you and Crispin. Which is why I have no problem with it" My mother cleared her throat and Crispin came into the room. At once I stood up and ran to him and embraced him.
"i'll leave you two alone"
"Tara i'm so sorry this has happened!"
"don't be it's not that bad"
Footsteps came back to my room and my father entered once more. for a moment he stood bewildered and then it turned to Rage
"HOW DARE YOU DISOBEY YOUR KING!" Crispin stood in front of me, blocking me out of harms way.
"Father no. Stop" I said pleading him to calm down
"I told you to stay away from my daughter. GUARDS!" in a moment we were surrounded. My mother came running back in and then chaos rained. Crispin and my mother were pulling me through the crowd of Guards and through the castle to the courtyard. My father and the guards were following closely. tears were burning my cheeks as I knew that we would never get out. we were surrounded. as we got down to the courtyard Crispin was pulled away from me. and I was pulled away from him. We broke through and embraced each other one last time
My father was screaming his Disapproval. Our lips met and we were lost in a moment. It felt perfect. it was meant to be, the star crossed lovers from two families from an ancient grudge. Romeo and Juliet. He was my Romeo as cheesy as that sounds.


you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles
 And my daddy said stay away from Juliet
 And I was crying on the staircase
 Begging you please don't go


We were pulled apart once more and Crispin made a break fro the gate, I shouted after him over my fathers shouts of "LEAVE MY DAUGHTER ALONE" I shouted to him, shouted to him that he mustn't ever leave me.

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