Autumn view

On the cover the blonde one is kirsten and the brown haired one is Sophia.
Them and there friends Stella, Molly, marzia go to an all girls school. :) fun and adventures come there way.


2. Holy cra-

"FIRE" I shouted as kirsten pulled me away from the smoke which was quickly filling the hallways. Many girl came out then screamed and ran away. "quick theres the fire alarm sophia set it off!!" Kirsten shouted at me. I turned around. Lots of black smoke was blocking our views and filling our lungs making us cough violently. I threw my hand forward and pressed something then next thing i heard was an alarm. I heard lots more screams.

Me and kirsten couldnt see which way to go we walked forward and walked into a wall. "Were stuck" Kirsten shouted, There was so much smoke around us we couldnt see. My throat was buring and i felt a hot blaze behind me burning my back. I turned around and saw the fire.
"WE MUST ME IN OUR ROOM" I shouted to kirsten. She gripped onto my hand tighter. 
I saw black spots go over my face then there was nothing, i blacked out.

Kirstens P.O.V

I felt sophias hand let go of mine and then heard a massive thud.
"SOPHIA" i screamed waving my hands about trying to find her. I lifted her arms up then i felt weak. I dropped her and held my throat coughing more. Then i saw lots of black dots appear and i blacked out falling next to sophia.

Marzia P.O.V

"oh my god its so cold out, wait wheres sophia and kirsten?" I said realising they wasnt here.
"They went back to the room to get kirstens camera" Stella replies. Then Miss Cringle had an announcment. "The fire started in room 138" She said speaking loudly. "Oh my! THATS OUR ROOM" Molly screams worrying. "Sophia and kirsten are in there!" i shout starting to run away towards the bulding, a few teachers tried to grab my arms but they missed and i managed to run in, i got to the stairs ran up it and when i opened the big doors lots of black smoke came blowing into my face making me cough like crazy. "Holy cra-"  i started to stay but i heard Kirsten shout sophia. I ran down the hall trying to find the room. I saw the light from the fire and ran into the room. i squinted my eyes still coughing "GUYS?!" i shouted. I heard someone shout my name from down the hall but i ignored it.

I couldnt see anything, i ran forward and tripped over something on the floor. It was kirsten and sophia passed out on the floor. I grabbed both of them and put them on my shoulder, kirsten on my left and sophia on my right. They still wasnt moving. I looked around panting and coughing my eyes going blurry. I started to feel weaker but i carried on. I couldnt find the door and the buring fire across the room was burning me from how hot it was. "Marzia!" i heard stella shout. She ran in took sophia from me and leaded me out. We ran down the hall and i tripped. "COME ON!" Stell shouted helping me up.

I got up and ran towards the big doors. we opened then and ran down the stairs, there wasnt much smoke there. We got down the stiars and ran out the school, a bunch of angry and worried teachers were there and molly looking scared. Me and stella cafefully put down kirsten and sophia then fell to our knees and coughed.

"Marzia, stella you saved them! thats everyone out the school now!" she cheered. "Girls! you shouted of done that you could of got hurt" Miss Smith, the worst teacher ever, said to us.

"Well i didnt see you or any of the other teachers helping! You would of just left them im there to burn!" I shouted at them angrily while pointing my finger at them getting right up in there face. Miss cringle grabbed hold of me and stella "are you girls ok?" she says wiping black dust from the smoke off of us. "yeh, but call and ambulance for kirsten and sophia" stella said.


When the ambulance arrived me molly and stella went with sophia and kirsten to the hospital. The doctors hooked them up to these machines and put these masks over there face so they can breathe properly. they also put these masks on me and stella because we inhailed a lot of smoke.

"You have a burn on your arm there we should bandage it up" the doctor said to me camly and bandadged my arm. "thanks" i reply looking at kirsten and sophia. What could of started the fire, wait did i turn my straighners off? Oh crap...

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