Nothing Will Tear Us Apart, Louis Tomlinson.

Amy Rodriguez and Jennifer Palacios are stepsisters. They have lost everything; their mother, their father, step-father, and home.
They absolutely hate each other. Amy is the greatest girl you'll ever meet, but unlike Amy, Jennifer is the rebel, she loves to have "fun", cause trouble, and to make Amy's life a living nightmare. Amy handles all the crap her step-sister throws at her, but when they both met superstars at separate times and fall in love with each other, Jennifer and her new famous boyfriend try to ruin Amy's relationship at the worst possible time.


3. Meeting Him

Jennifer's P.O.V


"Stupid Amy! She's in glamorous New York, while I'm with my old grandma." I thought.

"Mammy, I'm going to get your medicine!" I yelled from the bottom of the stairs. "Stupid, old hag." I whispered to myself. I closed the door, not bothering to lock it. I walked 13 blocks to get her stupid prescription. It was a 1 hour wait. "1 fucking hour for a bottle of pills?!?!" I said after finally leaving the pharmacy. 

"What's the point for giving medicine to the elderly? They're going to die, anyway." I thought. My phone buzzed in my pocket. 

"What NOW!?!?" I said out loud, getting dirty looks from strangers.

Zander: C'mon Jen, I didn't mean that. I love you. 

I rolled my eyes before texting back.

Jennifer: Fuck you! You moaned your best friend's name during sex! You twat.

Zander: It didn't mean anything, though. 

Jennifer: Really?!? Your best friend is a fucking guy! You called me Derek twice!!!

Seconds turned to minutes and minutes turned to an hour.

"No reply." I laughed.

Jennifer: No reply, huh? If you didn't know this before, Zander. We are OVER!! O-V-E-R!! I fucking hate you.

Zander: No, c'mon babe. We can work it out.

Zander: Babe?

Zander: You there?

Zander: We're soul mates, babe.

Zander: C'mon!!! 

Zander: Babe?!?

I pulled out my phone once more, irritated. I was in an alley, meaning I only had 4 more blocks to get home. Soon I felt a presence and turned around. I saw a man, a handsome man at that, running towards me full speed. 

"TOM PAR-!" I tried yelling, but he covered my mouth and told me...

"Be quiet, please and stay hidden." Tom told me. He uncovered my mouth.

"Why!" I whisper-yelled at him. Before Tom could explain, a swarm of horny, crazy, and sobbing fangirls passed the alley. He looked at me.

"Question answered." We both laughed.

"How about I walk you home, um..." He asked.

"Tee-hee-hee, sure." I said. I snapped out of the trance I was in for a moment. "Um... Jennifer. Jennifer Palacios." I answered. He lent me and hand to get up and we then started walking.


Tom's P.O.V


"So, where do you live?" I asked her.

"1014 Cherry Street." said calmly. After a moment of talking, getting to know her, and just walking, we finally got to the front with a big, quaint house. 

"This is your house?" I asked her. She nodded slowly.

"Well, we're here. I guess this is goodbye." I said. It took my all not to kiss her. 

"I guess. Bye." She said sadly. I started walking away. Some kind of force stops me. I hear Jennifer's voice.

"Tom?" I turn around and she starts running to me. We both look into and get lost in each other's eyes. She grabs the sides of my face and leans in. We kissed. The kiss was passionate and loving. I felt fireworks. I have never felt this way, not even with Kelsey. She pulled away when the kiss was getting really heated. 

"Wow." We both whispered in unison.

"Do you want to come in?" She bit her lip.

"Yes." I answered quickly and eagerly. She pulls my hand lightly and leads me inside. She then closes the door slowly, teasing me.


(A/N) Sorry for the sudden change of schedule. I also couldn't keep the story going without making a chapter about Jennifer and Tom. Next week I will make a chapter about Amy or Louis.


~Vanessa xx.

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