Nothing Will Tear Us Apart, Louis Tomlinson.

Amy Rodriguez and Jennifer Palacios are stepsisters. They have lost everything; their mother, their father, step-father, and home.
They absolutely hate each other. Amy is the greatest girl you'll ever meet, but unlike Amy, Jennifer is the rebel, she loves to have "fun", cause trouble, and to make Amy's life a living nightmare. Amy handles all the crap her step-sister throws at her, but when they both met superstars at separate times and fall in love with each other, Jennifer and her new famous boyfriend try to ruin Amy's relationship at the worst possible time.


4. Beautiful Strangers

Amy's P.O.V


I was in the car with Megan, blasting the radio. I was singing along with it and she suddenly stopped the car. The car was parked in her quaint, peaceful house where she used to live with boyfriend, but he left her without a reason or before he had a word with her. 

"What are we doing here?" I questioned her.

"Oh. I sold the house, but I left a few of my belongings in there." She had a hint a sadness in her voice that she tried to mask with with happiness, but not successfully. I decided to shrug it off and just smile. We walked onto the path of the house. It was really quiet. Just hearing small birds chirp and a touch a wind blowing. If you came here, you probably would've thought we weren't in New York. Probably small town where everyone knew each other and would get along and wouldn't be any problems, but that's not the case. We stopped in front on a white, mahogany door with some illustrations on the front and a knocker the shape of a heart. The doorknob had a giant lock on it, meaning it was now up for sale. She put the lock code and a little compartment opened and revealed a key. Definitely not her key, knowing her key had a 9/11 tribute design. Her mother died on 9/11, bringing food to a friend who worked next to the twin towers. My train of thought was disappearing as she opened the door revealing her clean, empty white house. It was very cold in there which was unusual because I always thought the electric company shuts off the electricity. She had a couple boxes with bubble wrap coming out the cracks on the counter. I carried one out to the car, but bumped into someone. I let go of the box due to the sudden impact, but the stranger caught it. I looked down, embarrassed but then looked up in shock. It was Louis Tomlinson smiling at me. I'm not going to scream. I'm not one of those... um what do they call it? Fangirls? Yeah fangirls who freak out when they see a celebrity. They are just normal people who get lots of publicity. That's all. I moved my bangs out of my face and grabbed the box.

"Um thank you." I thanked him timidly. He nodded. 

"L-louis Tomlinson."He said to introduce himself. He put his hand out. I put the box down and stuck my hand out to meet his and shook it.

"Amy... Amy Rodriguez..." I was probably as red as a tomato.

"Oh god! I can die right now." I thought. There was an awkward pause.

"So... you live here?" He asked. I nodded, knocking a bit of hair off my ear. He grabbed the piece of hair and hooked it on my ear. It felt a bit uncomfortable because it wasn't probably hooked on right, so I fixed it and blushed once. 

"Do you live around here?" I asked him, hoping he said yes. 

"Well no. Me and my band mates are just coming here for vacation until we start our new tour." He responded to my question. I looked at him. He seemed like he was crying due to his red eyes and dried tears with bags under his eyes. His hair had white flakes from a hair product and his white shirt had drops of a brown liquid, probably liquor. I then remembered that he had just broken up with... um... Oh! Eleanor. Maybe that's the reason.

"Oh." I simply answered. We had some conversation for minutes. The conversation ran smoothly. No awkward pauses nor any pauses. After a while he began to rub the nape of his neck and chuckled. I was a bit confused, but waited for him to talk.

"Um, Amy is it fine if I um ask for your phone number?" He was nervous. It was really attractive. Like I can say no to that face.

"Sure!" I said happy and giggled. I gave it to him and he texted me a message. It read 'I C U...'. I shoved him softly and lifted up my hand, covering my smile. He grabbed it and put it down. 

"Your smile's perfect. Don't cover it." His light British putting me in a inescapable daze. 

"AMY!" Megan yelled. Ok maybe was escapable. I picked up the box and put it inside the car quickly. 

"Sorry." I apologized. "I gotta go." I tried to run, but Louis grabbed my arm before I even hit 2 feet away from him.

"Amy. I'm going to Time's Square for New Year's Eve tomorrow." He sighed while also taking a deep breath. "And I want you to be my date." another deep breath " Would you?"  I blushed and covered my smile once again, but fought the urge. He smiled. I nodded softly. " Until next time, love." He put his hand on my cheek and caressed it softly. I did a slight inaudible gasp to the coldness to his hand. He then kissed my cheek. I heard my name being called again. I waved bye and walked along the path. I turned around.

"Lo-" He was gone. My phone did a little ring meaning I had a text. I opened it up. In it, it read. 'Can't wait for tomorrow.'. I smiled and walked into the house with a smile drawn on my face.


(A/N) I finally finished the chapter! Whoo hoo! If you stayed even though I didn't update, thank you so much. I hope you like this chapter. :)

~Vanessa xx.

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