Nothing Will Tear Us Apart, Louis Tomlinson.

Amy Rodriguez and Jennifer Palacios are stepsisters. They have lost everything; their mother, their father, step-father, and home.
They absolutely hate each other. Amy is the greatest girl you'll ever meet, but unlike Amy, Jennifer is the rebel, she loves to have "fun", cause trouble, and to make Amy's life a living nightmare. Amy handles all the crap her step-sister throws at her, but when they both met superstars at separate times and fall in love with each other, Jennifer and her new famous boyfriend try to ruin Amy's relationship at the worst possible time.


2. Argument With The Boys

I woke up with the boys laughing and yelling. I had too much to drink last night because I have mini hangover. I had dried tears on my face and the pillow. I need coffee. I think Harry did his famous Starbuck's coffee run. Eleanor and I confirmed our break up 2 days ago and last night it hit me. What if Eleanor meets someone else? She's beautiful, irresistible, a model. Why wouldn't anyone go after her? We may not even get back together. I sure hope so that my worries will not come true. I walk into the room and all their eyes come at me, piercing me, watching my every movement.

"Hey, lad." Niall said happily.

"Hey." I said sorrowfully.

"Louis, need anything?" Harry asked.

"No, just need coffee. Did you get Starbuck's?" I said.

"Yes, it's on the counter." Harry stated.

"Are you ok?" Liam asked.

"Yes, I just can't believe we broke up 4 days before New Year's Eve." I choked out.

"I kn- we know you and Eleanor have a kiss when the clock strikes 12 every year on that day." Harry stated.

"The day would of been our 3 anniversary of our first kiss on New Year's." I said, holding in tears.

"Yes, we know, Louis. But it'll get better, lad." Zayn said.

"When, Zayn!?!?!? WHEN?!?!?" I yelled at him, making him step back and raise his arms in defeat. No response.

"I'm going to bed." I said angrily.

"B-but it's 4 o'clock." Liam said matter-of-factly.

"Fine. We're in New York. Might as well go outside and look around." I said ending the conversation. I grabbed my jacket and left. I looked down and saw I was in the same clothes last night. Jeans and my tee. I shrugged kept walking towards the elevator.


*To Be Continued*


(A/N) Sorry for the short chapter, guys. I'm really tired and would of kept writing, but it's 3 in the morning and I got a really big day ahead of me. I'm going to get my juvenile work permit and have an interview with multiple recreation centers and/or babysitting centers. I will try to write a chapter for this at 9 tomorrow as well update "He's the Father of My Children. So thank you guys for understanding. If I don't update tomorrow, might as well expect 2 or 3 chapters on Saturday. Thank you and feel free to read my other books. Bye and G'night or morning or afternoon or whatever! Love you guys.

~Vanessa xx.

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