Spread Your Wings

Jade is an outcast. She's never really fitted in and she's constantly teased about everything - from her taste in music, to her fashion sense. One day after a terrible day at school, full of abuse and torment, Jade has had enough. Will she find a lifeline in time, or is it too late for her?

This is for the Inspired by a Song competition. The song it's based on is Wings by Little Mix, hence the title.


2. A New Day

It was the first day of the summer term and I was feeling surprisingly bright for a change. The sun shone outside, making little pools of light on the floorboards of my bed room. For once I'd woken up before my alarm, so I savoured the last five minutes I had before the familiar tune of Mozart's Symphony No. 14 filled the air of my room. I decided I should get up and try to be on time for once, since it was the first day back at school after half term. I bounded out of bed, having a quick shower and styling my mass of hair, clipping my new extensions in. Quickly brushing a little mascara on my eyelashes and slicking eyeliner over my eyelids, I made my way downstairs, careful not to wake my mother up. Since I was an only child and my father left for work early in the morning, I was usually the first one up in my household. My mother owned a hairdressers, but they didn't open on most weekdays. I poured myself a hot mug of tea, sat down at the kitchen table and let the steam rising from the tea wash over my face. I somehow feel a lot happier today - like everything was getting better. Weird. I look at my watch, realising that I've been in a day dream and now I'm late. I get my bag ready, push my earphones into my ears, take a deep breath and prepare myself for the day ahead.

The walk to school is usually fine, because I take a shortcut through the park, which means I don't see those awful, cruel girls from my year at school.Those awful, cruel girls who everyone longs to please, longs to be. I don't see the appeal myself. I mean, yeah, it'd be great to be loved by everyone (well, not everyone, but most people), but they're just clones of each other - they have nothing individual about them at all. But the most annoying thing is that whenever they insult me, I just freeze and let them trample all over me.

I reach the school gates and rush past all the other students, eager to get to class before they begin the daily 'let's make Jade feel as bad about herself as we can' ritual. I had no such luck. There, waiting outside my tutor room, arms folded, are Amy Bell, Tilly Bradshaw and Hannah Leeman, looking at me with eyebrows raised.

'Well, hello, Jade,' Amy sneered. 'I like your new hair colour - what look were you going for this time? An emo frog?' Tilly and Hannah burst out laughing, there cackles echoing in the strangely empty hall.

'Oh, look, she's got a new iPod!' Hannah leered at me. My heart started pounding. Surely she wouldn't do anything to damage it, would she? 'What are you listening to? Ooh, Mozart! You're into all that classical rubbish, aren't you?'

'Give it back!' I whimpered.

'What's that? I couldn't quite hear you.' Hannah was tossing my iPod from hand to hand.

'Please,' I began to feel tears prick at my eyes. 'Please give it back.'

I made a grab for it - but it was too late. The iPod slipped from Hannah's grip, falling down to the floor. I tried to grab it, but I couldn't get it in time. It smashed as it hit the floor, the screen shattering. 

Tilly gasped, Amy raised her eyebrows and Hannah simply said 'oops!'. Fat, salty tears rolled down my cheeks as I slumped to the floor, gathering up the remains of my broken iPod. Amy passed me a tissue - but not out of kindness. Just so she could ridicule me more.

'You look like the joker. Your mascara is all over your face,' she sniggered. 'Oh, Jade?'

'Yes?' I sniffed.

'Tell anyone about this, and I swear I will kill you.' And with a flick of her hair, Amy sauntered off down the hall, Hannah and Tilly in pursuit.

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