Is He The One ?

Cindy and boyfriend Daniel enter xfactor , get in finals and get coached by one direction . Cindy grows quite close with Niall , will they win ? What will happen if they do ? And what happens when a maniac try's to kill Cindy ?
Read To Find Out !! :)


1. The Warm Up

Cindys POV -

Me and Daniel have been going out for a year now. We met by going to a music school together, and we made quite a performance together and quite a good couple . I was the singer and he was the guitarist ! Well I think bows the time to ask him , "Hey , I've been thinking lately that we should audition for Xfactor , it's been on my mind for quite a while now and we do pretty well together ? " His eyes were now reared away from the book he was reading and now focused on me . " are we ready though that's the real question " he questioned . " I think we are " I smiled , " Then I think it's a great idea " He smiled back . A huge grin spread across my face as we both leaned in for a kiss . 

We had to practice every day for 1-2 hours , but I didn't mind as long as it was perfect , sometimes we even had food fights ! I couldn't really sleep on the last night of practice because the auditions were tomorrow and I was way too nervous and excited , plus I keep thinking if we're going to get in . As I had a long day I was sleeping in an instant .

I woke up at 6 to go in the shower and get ready , I went with curly hair , my jeans , my tank top and blue converse high-tops . When I was all ready and finished with my mascara and lip gloss , I walked into the bedroom to find Daniel in his sexy jeans , short sleeved t-shirt and his red supras . " Ready to go ? " he asked , I nodded my head a yes , smiling I grabbed his hand and he grabbed his guitar and both of us walking out the door and towards our car . Here we go , off to the Xfactor !! I'm so so soooo thrilled ! 

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