Is He The One ?

Cindy and boyfriend Daniel enter xfactor , get in finals and get coached by one direction . Cindy grows quite close with Niall , will they win ? What will happen if they do ? And what happens when a maniac try's to kill Cindy ?
Read To Find Out !! :)


2. The Real Thing

Daniels POV - 

Cindy signed us up for the auditions at the arena and were just sent to the waiting area . We had watched 5 people get 3 yes's and 4 get none , the old couple was walking off of the stage and me and Cindy walked on . Cindy was shaking a bit probably from nervousness , I was the same but you couldn't see me shaking .

We walked into the middle of the stage , my guitar hanging off my shoulder , and the judges ask us a few questions , " names ? ", " mine is Cindy and this is my boyfriend Daniel " Cindy replied . " what song will you be singing ? " Simon cowell asked , I replied this time and tried to speak calmly and not let my nerves get through , " we will be singing the ladies choice which is 'still the one' by one direction ". The judges nodded and I started strumming Cindy started off singing then I joined in , the judges just sat their with their faces in their hands listening intensely . We finished the song and bowed and everyone stood up clapping , Simon cowell was the first to speak " what a lovely song choice to match your voices and you work very well together , I think we've already got the winners " he smirked , " time to judge I say yes " the woman said , the next woman said the same , then Simon cowell exclaimed his answered yes . I chuckled as I saw tears stream down Cindys face , she was still smiling in happiness though .

We walked off of the stage and out of the arena , we walked to my black ranger in silence , i opened the car door for Cindy and then went round to the drivers side and started to drive back to my apartment .  Once we got in I began to cook food , fish fingers and chips with beans , after we ate we watched a few scary films like 'Sick Boy' and 'The Grudge' , I was starting to drift off as Cindy fell asleep so I took her to bed and lay down next to her . Next thing I know I was in a deep sleep .

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