Is He The One ?

Cindy and boyfriend Daniel enter xfactor , get in finals and get coached by one direction . Cindy grows quite close with Niall , will they win ? What will happen if they do ? And what happens when a maniac try's to kill Cindy ?
Read To Find Out !! :)


3. Leaving For A New Begining

Daniels POV - 

I woke up to the smell of bacon and sausages and eggs . I jumped out of bed in an instant and put on a fresh pair of blue Calvin Klein boxers, I tiptoed down the stairs and slowly crept into the kitchen behind Cindy , she didn't know I was there . "Good morning my precious " I whispered in my best creepy voice , she jumped in shock "shit you scared me ! " she said . She turned around and saw the massive grin across my face and slapped my arm playfully , she then carried on making the breakfast . I sat at the kitchen table and watched her move around , she then passed me a plate full of food and she sat opposite me with hers , she always had more food than me because she adores her food , I shovelled a load in my mouth , and when I looked at Cindy she was halfway done already ! I just continued to eat my breakfast .

Cindys POV - 

i rushed my breakfast because of two reasons , one was that I was starving and the bacon smelt delicious and two is that I needed to tell Daniel the big news that I found out today ! I finished before Daniel and I waited impatiently for him to finish . I took a sip of my tea and he finished his and did the same , " I have some really big news for you today " I smiled excitedly , "what's up " he replied . " well we have to go to one of the judges house so they can do their stuff and everything " I cheered , " we have all day to pack as we have to go tomorrow they've already sent the adress " I added . We started to pack our stuff ready for us to leave tomorrow and for us to leave the past behind us and try to push forwards for a good future . We packed all of the stuff an it was 7:21 pm when he suggested we go out to eat , " KFC !!!!! " I screamed and we both just laughed , the drive wasn't too long , but on the way back I just suddenly said " tomorrow we will be leaving for a new Begining " Daniel just nodded his head in agreement .

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