Hollywood Heights

This is a story about 'Hollywood Heights'


3. More suprises

Eddie:Loren tate ohh sorry i mean miss Duran, do you know how much i love you ?

Loren: Ahw.. I love you to much.. *Loren kissed Eddie*

Eddie: I have a second suprise for you.. *Eddie smiled*

Loren:Hahah.. Hmm.. I love your suprises.

Eddie:Hahah... Lets go outside.. My suprise is outside..


-Eddie and loren outside-

Eddie: Okay Loren you need to close your eyes now.

Loren: Okay i will.. I trust you.

Eddie helped Loren to walk.

Eddie:Okay Loren open your eyes.

Loren opend here eyes.

Loren:O my god Eddie..!!! 

Eddie bought a car for Loren, it was a red Audi with a pink ribbon.

Eddie: Here's your keyes.

Loren: O my god Eddie you didn't had to do this..!!

Eddie: Every thing for my love.

Loren was so happy, she hugged Eddie very tight.

Eddie: Lets go home its cold.

-At Eddie's and Lorens house-

Loren: Eddie i love you 

Eddie: I love you to Loren.

They go to bed and get started to make some love (if you know what i mean :-P)

-The next morning-

Lorens alarm goes off

*Breathe it in, can you feel it in your soul?

Under your skin, just let it take control

Tonight is gonna be out night

The beating rythm, feel the energy inside

I know your body wants to explode

Your feet just wanna go

We're gonna feel alive

There's is something in te air, yeah (Cody Longo-Something in the air)*

Eddie:Good morning miss Duran

Loren: good morning Handsome

Eddie: i didn't know that your alarm song Something in the air is.

Loren:Hahah because i never set my alarm on, but today i have a photoshoot with you remember ? :P

Eddie: Is it today ?

Loren: Yeah.. You always forget everything hahaha

Eddie:I'm sorry but its 6 am, and i'm tired

Loren:Hahaha i know, i'm gonna take shower.

Eddie holded Lorens hand

Eddie:Please wait , just 5 minutes more.

Loren:No Eddie i know that 5 minutes will be 1 hour, and i don't want to be late.


Loren:No Eddie.. You need to get up *Loren smiled to Eddie*

Eddie:Okay mommy..

-30 minutes later-

Eddie: Loren hurry up, were gonna be late.

Loren put lipgloss on her lips

Loren:i'm coming

Loren walks to te elevator

Eddie: Wow Loren you look beautiful

Loren:Thanks babe.

Loren kissed Eddie.

Eddie:i love the cherry taste of your lip gloss

Loren: hahah, you can taste it again if you want ?

Eddie:I love to.. *Eddie kissed Loren very long* 

-In the car-

Loren felt in sleep.

Eddie smiled and waked Loren up because ther arrived .

Eddie: Loren wake up, where arrived.* Eddie kissed Lorens hand*

Loren:Hmm.. Did i sleep long ?

Eddie:Yes and no.. just for 15 minuts but for me is one minut to long haha

Eddie kissed Loren. He opened the door for Loren.

They walk hand in hand to the fotoshoot.



Hey guys i'm sorry that its short but i need to make homework and i hope you guys liked it..

If you have some idea's , you can tell me, and i will post it ;-)


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