If you close your eyes....

For the competition of using a song to influence my writing I have decided on using Bastille's 'Pompeii'. :)
The lyrics in my own perception is about how people do not learn from their past, both individuals in addition to society. And somewhat humanity has been lost. Being lost into the sins of consumption, lust, drugs, theft and etc. Therefore why I have set my story in a club/bar and feature some of these sins.

Roxanne is a woman who lives in darkness, prowls the night and enjoys the clubs, drugs and alcohol. She has nothing to live for. She doesn't think so anyway. It is not till she meets someone that makes her 'open her eyes' and offers the option to change. She wants to break her cycle and be 'optimistic' and fulfil her dreams.

JUST TO CLARIFY: I will switch narrative between Roxanne and Victor, just inc ase anyone does get confused :)


2. Victor

Victor was sitting at the bar, enjoying a drink. He was here only to forget about his life for a moment. He didn't have any special reason to be here, other than that his life was nothing exciting. He would run his right hand through his raven hair, his hazel eyes slowly scanning the place again. His black shirt didn't really reveal his muscular torso, but then again, he wasn't overly buff either. He never quite did like the idea of looking like a Michelin doll. He suddenly noticed a gorgeous woman with long hair, a nice, tight black dress. The way she moved was very particular; he never had seen anyone move like that before. He was intrigued, but then thought to himself she was probably looking for someone in particular, and that wouldn't be him. He glanced over to her once more and took a sip from his drink.

He followed her with his gaze as she made her way over to the bar. He noticed she saw several men staring at her and figured she'd probably find someone soon enough. He turned around and kept to himself, but then he noticed she made her way closer to the bar. As she ordered her drink, he glanced over to her once more. She did have a nice voice, so it seemed as if she's got it all. He rolled his eyes slightly. Typical. She really looked like one of those women who just have it all, and still there was something about her that intrigued him. He turned slightly, casually shifting his gaze over to her every now and again as he slowly rolled his glass around in his right hand. A faint smile played around his face as he watched her

He noticed her spotting him, and his first thought was to look away. He didn't want to seem like all the other guys, but then he figured she already caught him looking at her, so it would be foolish to look away right there and then. Instead, he gazed at her a short moment longer before turning his eyes back to his drink, taking another sip. Figuring nothing was going to happen as long as he would just sit there, he decided to take action. Slowly, he got up from his bar stool and rose to his feet, a tall 6'2". He straightened his shoulders and walked over towards her, placing his drink on the counter, next to her. He looked over to the bottles behind the bar, raising his glass in his right hand before turning his head slightly, looking at her again. He smiled lightly and spoke, loud enough so she could hear him over the music and the noise. "Seeing anything you like out there?" 

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