If you close your eyes....

For the competition of using a song to influence my writing I have decided on using Bastille's 'Pompeii'. :)
The lyrics in my own perception is about how people do not learn from their past, both individuals in addition to society. And somewhat humanity has been lost. Being lost into the sins of consumption, lust, drugs, theft and etc. Therefore why I have set my story in a club/bar and feature some of these sins.

Roxanne is a woman who lives in darkness, prowls the night and enjoys the clubs, drugs and alcohol. She has nothing to live for. She doesn't think so anyway. It is not till she meets someone that makes her 'open her eyes' and offers the option to change. She wants to break her cycle and be 'optimistic' and fulfil her dreams.

JUST TO CLARIFY: I will switch narrative between Roxanne and Victor, just inc ase anyone does get confused :)


1. How it begins - Roxanne

She walks through the street at the dead of night. She smirks as she sees the drunk stumble and stagger home. "Easy prey" She mumbles to herself, but too easy for her. She loved the chase and the manipulation with it. She looks round and finds a busy club and sways her hips as she walks up to the bouncer. She puts her hand to her hip and flutters her eye lashes. Her hair was in a loose wave to her shoulders and she was wearing a tight black dress, hugging her body in the right places to show off her curves. The bouncer lets her in without any commotion. She heads inside and scopes the room of busy bodies. 

She searched the room while biting her lip and wondered if there was anything here for her. She pushes her hair from her face slightly while heading towards the bar. She felt some eyes on her; she flashed a smile at some guys while squeezing past dancing bodies. She felt groped and touched. She grimaced at the thought of it 'stupid humans' she thought to herself. She made it to the bar finally and leans against it with her hands placed evenly on the counter.

"Cider sweetie" she flirts with the barman. She turns to lean her back against the bar with her elbows propped up against it and looks at the crowd once more. She rolls her head back to stretch her neck a little. She felt someone watching her and she looked around and spots a guy slightly down the bar watching her. She smiles a little feeling flattered but then she realised many guys were looking at her, but something about him made him different. She turns to the barman to pay for her drink and sips it and watches him from the corner of her eye, wondering why he was watching her and only her.


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