If you close your eyes....

For the competition of using a song to influence my writing I have decided on using Bastille's 'Pompeii'. :)
The lyrics in my own perception is about how people do not learn from their past, both individuals in addition to society. And somewhat humanity has been lost. Being lost into the sins of consumption, lust, drugs, theft and etc. Therefore why I have set my story in a club/bar and feature some of these sins.

Roxanne is a woman who lives in darkness, prowls the night and enjoys the clubs, drugs and alcohol. She has nothing to live for. She doesn't think so anyway. It is not till she meets someone that makes her 'open her eyes' and offers the option to change. She wants to break her cycle and be 'optimistic' and fulfil her dreams.

JUST TO CLARIFY: I will switch narrative between Roxanne and Victor, just inc ase anyone does get confused :)


3. Flirtations.

She looks up to him; he was clearly taller than her. But his accent and posture was rather handsome. She flicks her hair a little and then sips her drink once more. She shrugs "Well... there wasn't until now" she raises an eye brow at him and smiles a little. She tries to sneakily adjust her dress a little, to show slightly more cleavage. She rocks her hips a little to the beat of the music and giggles a little and faces him "What about you?"                          

He smirked softly. Of course he would've triggered such a reply. He was flattered, surely, but who said she wasn't just flirting for some compliments herself. His eyes trailed over her face. She did have very beautiful eyes, and as he let his gaze glide down along her figure further, he smiled wider. She was beautiful, without a doubt. But she was special, he could tell. There was something about her. He wondered what it was and to be honest, he was interested in finding out what it was that made her so special. She wasn't just the average woman you could find in bars and clubs. He brought his gaze back to her face, looking into her eyes and without blinking, he smiled lightly again. "Well, I'm more interested in staying a while longer now, yes. It's not every day I get compliments from such a fascinating lady as you." He casually pointed towards her hips as she rocked them slightly, adding "I take it you like dancing?"

She laughs at his response, what a clever and charming human she thought to herself. She eyed him carefully, he was definitely handsome and relatively in good shape. Not overly muscular but she preferred that, too much was revolting. "Well what other reason is there to be at a club?" She teased. She loved the irony in her own words as that was not always the case for her appearances in bars and clubs. She turns to face him while leaning against the bar "What about you handsome, do you like dancing? Or do you just like drinking here?" she asks before finishing her pint of cider.                                                                                               

He snickered softly at her reply, turning more towards her, now not just looking at her but his entire body facing her. Taking another sip of his drink, he smiled softly at her words. It sure was the first time he was called handsome right in his face and he looked down for a second before looking back into her eyes. "Well, I'm not the greatest dancer, or at least that's what I think, so I don't do it that often. I mainly just get a drink and watch people. People are funny to watch." He added that last phrase with a chuckle, shaking his head slowly. He then pointed towards her now empty glass and spoke again "Care for another one, Miss... I'm sorry, what's your name? Or should I just call you gorgeous?" He thought about it for a moment "Miss Gorgeous... Doesn't sound that bad actually, now does it?"

She laughs and looks up at him "My... what a gentleman." She flicks her hair from her face and smiles to him softly. "The name is Roxanne, but you can call me Roxie, handsome. I like that name for you too" she winks. She tilts her head "you don’t have to be a good dancer to dance you knows" She wiggles her hips and laughs a little more. She turns to look at some of the people already drunk and laughs "Wow... light weights" she comments with a smirk on her lips.

He chuckled softly. More compliments. "Why thank you, Roxie. It's a true pleasure to meet you, I'm Victor, but you can choose which name you'll use." He smiled softly at her comment about the dancing and replied "I suppose... I've never really gotten into it, I must say. Never had a reason to do so either, I'd say. Maybe if I had someone to help me explore the limits of my dancing abilities, thing’s be different" He now beams a warm smile at her, liking the way she sways her hips. Following her gaze, he smirked softly. "Big mouths and nothing else I'd say, by the looks of it. They're always funny. Usually get angry quite easily too. Hilarious."

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