If you close your eyes....

For the competition of using a song to influence my writing I have decided on using Bastille's 'Pompeii'. :)
The lyrics in my own perception is about how people do not learn from their past, both individuals in addition to society. And somewhat humanity has been lost. Being lost into the sins of consumption, lust, drugs, theft and etc. Therefore why I have set my story in a club/bar and feature some of these sins.

Roxanne is a woman who lives in darkness, prowls the night and enjoys the clubs, drugs and alcohol. She has nothing to live for. She doesn't think so anyway. It is not till she meets someone that makes her 'open her eyes' and offers the option to change. She wants to break her cycle and be 'optimistic' and fulfil her dreams.

JUST TO CLARIFY: I will switch narrative between Roxanne and Victor, just inc ase anyone does get confused :)


4. Dancing into the night...

She laughs and gives an evil smirk towards the crowd "Highly amusing" She looks up and smiles sweetly "Well isn't mister handsome going to ask this 'lady' to dance?" she teases. "I could help explore your limits as you say" She mimics his words and steps back a little in the direction of the dance floor. Her hands go behind her back and tilt her head to make her seem and look innocent and sweet to persuade him onto the dance floor with her, more crowds more fun. For her especially.

He snickered, putting his glass on the counter, using his elbow to push himself away from the counter as he smiled at her. "How could I not ask such grace to dance with me? It would be an honor, Miss Gorgeous" He winked and walked over closer to her, chuckling softly as she tried very hard to look innocent and sweet. Sure, she was sweet, but something told him she wasn't innocent at all. But she had this hint of mystery about her, this strange, fascinating power, and now he was determined to figure out what it was that drew him to her, even though he tried not to let it show too much. There'd be no fun in that. He started moving his body slowly to the music. His eyes trailed along her beautiful figure and lingered around her hips before running back up, this time pausing at her cleavage an instant. He then brought his gaze back up to look into her eyes as he smiled "I'm pretty sure I'll never be the expert you clearly are, though"

She laughs and flicks her hair a little as she dances. She moves close to him while she dances and inspects his body from his broad shoulders to his muscular arms and her eyes moves downwards. She smirks at his physique. She liked what she saw and looks back up to his face once more. "You are good dancers for now" she smirks while getting closer to him

He smiled softly, the way she flicked her hair was one thing he thought was special. Somehow it seemed like it was more than just flicking her hair back, but he couldn't put his finger on it. He followed her eyes slightly and smiled again, thinking it was only fair for her to gaze at him as he did to her. Moving closer to her, he nodded slightly as she complimented his dancing "Thank you, I do try. For you I'll bring out my best moves" He chuckled softly as he brushed his right index finger over her arm "But I bet I'll never be as good as you"

She blushes a little and gives him a warm smile as he compliments her once more. She looks down when he brushes his finger against her and smiles more than before. She moves closer to him and drapes her arms on his shoulders and dances closely to him

Smiling, he gently wraps his arms around her waist, dancing closely to her on the music. Smiling widely at her, he gazes into her eyes. She certainly is a very special woman, and he feels very lucky to be dancing with her right now. He opens his mouth to say something, then changes his mind and closes his mind before changing his mind again. He was probably about to cross a line, but at this point he no longer cared. He smiled at her once more and leaned closer into her, whispering into her ear "So, tell me... What would a gorgeous lady such as yourself do if I were to kiss you right here, right now?"

She smiles and laughs softly in response to his question "Well what handsome wants... handsome gets" she replies in a seductive voice and she bites her lip a little. He was completely different to most guys she was used to, but she liked it. She thinks to herself about holding onto this one perhaps. She leans back a little to look up at him while a smirk lingering on her lips.

He grinned lightly at her reply. He was kind of surprised, but he wasn't going to complain about it at all. Oh my, her voice... She really knew how to play with a man's mind, making herself even more irresistible. He didn't think it would be possible, but obviously there was more to this woman than he could imagine. As she bit her lip, he winked at her, smiling, moving his left hand up to the back of her head as she smirked at him. He leaned closer towards her and kissed her softly, brushing his lips over hers lightly before locking them closer onto hers, his right hand slowly circling on her lower back. This was turning out to be a great night.

She smiles under his lips and leans closely to his body returning his kiss. She enjoys the passion and close intimacy with him. His strong arms round her made her want to melt into his body and not let go. Her hands moves down and touched his chest as they kissed, feeling his body more.

He softly kissed her deeper, glad she didn't push him away or anything like that. She seemed to be enjoying this just as much, and he was happy about that. The tip of his tongue brushed gently over her soft lips, his left hand curling around a strand of her hair as his right continued to lightly circle across her lower back, holding her close to him. Suddenly there was nothing else but him and her, that moment. He didn't care about anything else, lightly caressing her scalp with his fingertips.

His tender touch made her smile; it was refreshing for her not to be used like a toy for once. Her hands on his chest still, her thumbs circle softly and traced up to his shoulders, feeling his body, she ran her tongue long his bottom lip and sucked it softly.

He enjoyed her light touch as she caressed his chest and shoulders, a soft moan escaping him as she softly sucked his bottom lip. Slowly tracing his right hand up her back, following her spine, he continued to let his fingertips lightly circle. She was a wondrous woman and as his right hand started to run down her back once more, his left continued to gently run his fingertips across her scalp, playing with her hair softly. Gently he pulled her even closer towards him, lightly biting her upper lip. His right hand lingered around her waist.






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