Save you tonight

Rayna is just a normal girl who is 19 but her father is dead and her mom is very abusive. one day Rayna and her mom get in a fight and she runs away she hides from her mom and is found by a boy named Niall who takes her in and takes care and helps her learn to trust again.


3. meeting them

I woke up and it was still dark, i look at my phone and it was midnight, i brought my legs back to my face and cried harder. i cried for about 20 minutes then somebody tapped on my shoulder i popped my head up and i saw a tall figure standing in front "hello love are you aright" he said with a Irish accent, i looked up but i couldn't make out his face, "no I'm not alright, do i look fucking okay?" i said still crying, he sat down next to me "do you need some place to stay?" he asked looking at my bag "yes but i have no where to stay" i said back, i wiped my tears away with my thumbs, "sorry i was so mean at first, I'm Rayna" i said to the person next to me "it's alright love, I'm Niall and if you need a place to stay you can stay with me and my friends" she said pushing some hair out of my face "if you do not mind Niall i think i will take your offer" i said sitting up "i do not mind at all" he said back he stood and put his hand out, i grabbed my bag and took his hand, "my car is just down the road" he said walking a little in front of me.we walked for about 5 minutes, it felt good to feel the warm California air because i haven"t been outside for about 2 days. we got to his car and his opened the door for me i got in and put my bag on my lap, he ran to the other side and got in the car. we arrived at a big brick house with a big fence, he drove up to the fence and stopped at a little key pad thing he entered in some number and the fence doors opened he parked his car and he got out, i opened my door and got out, he guided me into the house we walked in and i heard people yelling and playing around, we walked in farther and one person looked up and said "oh looks like Niall brought home a whore to bang" Niall slapped him, i lowered my head and said quietly "I am not a whore" Niall grabbed my bag from me and put it on a chair. he clapped his hands all his friends popped their heads up like dogs "okay guys go sit at the table and we are gonna talk" i sat at the table and so did everybody else "okay guys this is Rayna and we are just gonna talk a little" Niall said sitting. i just sat there awkwardly and everyone looking at me "ooh i have a question for her" said a curly haired boy "are you gonna get some Niall in you tonight?" he said with a big grin "Harry shut the fuck up we are not having sex at all" Niall said clearly angry. "i have a question for Rayna" said one with a buzz cut "what is your full name?' he asked "my full name is Rayna Louise Evans and I'm 19" i replied back, "okay now i have a question for Rayna" Niall said "when i found you why were you crying on a bench?" i cleared my throat "well my dad died about 9 months ago and ever since then my mom has been very abusive and we got in a fight and she got angry because i was wearing my dad shirt and so she ripped my shirt and i packed my stuff and left an she told me to never come back so i ran away and found a bench and sat there and cried and then Niall found me and brought me here" after i finished talking everyone just looked at me with surprised,concerned,and sad eyes, "can we stop with the questions please?" i asked "yeah sure I'll introduce you to the boys" Niall said still a little surprised from my story. "okay sounds good" i said "I'm Harry" the curly haired boy said "and sorry for the odd sex joke earlier i didn't know" i nodded my head "I'm Zayn" said the very tan boy with black hair "I'm Liam" said the one with a buzz cut "and I'm Louis" said one with a cute higher voice. they all stood up "and we're One Direction" and when they said that my jaw just dropped.

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