Save you tonight

Rayna is just a normal girl who is 19 but her father is dead and her mom is very abusive. one day Rayna and her mom get in a fight and she runs away she hides from her mom and is found by a boy named Niall who takes her in and takes care and helps her learn to trust again.


2. Alone

"Rayna!" my mom called from downstairs, i sighed and walked downstairs. "yes mom" i asked "wait Rayna what are you wearing?" my mom asked  "dad's old shirt, what's wrong with it?" o asked stepping back a little "your father is dead you have to stop mourning over him" she half yelled "i don't mourn over him, this is the only thing i have left so i decided to wear it" i said back "well he's dead so there is no need to care about him anymore" she grabbed me by the shirt and started ripping it, she ripped it in half still on my body "why the fuck would you do that?" i yelled starting to cry, i pushed her off me and ran up stairs, i grabbed my duffel bag and started to pack some clothes. i packed about all my clothes i grabbed some more pairs of shoes then i grabbed all my money that i had been saving which was $895. i ran downstairs and grabbed my phone i walked out the door, my mom walked out after me "where the hell do you think you are going" she yelled at me "anywhere but this fucking jail" i yelled walking down the drive way "well don't come running back" she yelled i turned around and gave her the middle finger "not planning on it bitch" i started to run i didn't know where i was gonna go exactly but i didn't even care. it was about 9:30 pm now and i found a bench at a park i sat down a brought my knees to my face i started crying quietly.

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