Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


3. The signing

Harry's pov~ "oh my god Louis what if she's here what is she comes to the signing what if we meet her?!?!!?!?!!" "Calm down mate!" "Louis I know you are screaming inside right now, if we meet her that will change our lives!!!!! But who would get to date her because we are all single because you just split p with Eleanor and Liam split up with Danielle and Zayn split up with Perrie and the rumours and Niall and Demi aren't true" I say in one breath "we will see who she picks eh?"

Louis' pov~ Harry was right I was screaming I side but I didn't tell him that! The signing starts in 5 minutes, I really hope she is there, if she is what will we say!?!?!?!" 


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