Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


8. The date!

'Yes!!!!!!' I immediately hugged him and said 'thank you so much, you don't know how long I have loved you for' oh did I really just say that-.- *mental faceplam* 'really!? I have loved you for ages!!' He said nearly shouting from excitement 'okay let's go back to the guys now?' We walked back in and I saw a glimpse of Louis giving Harry a death glare 'so anything you two need to tell us eh?'Louis said with anger and hint of sadness in his voice. 'Yes actually ermm me and Harry are going on a dates soon and don't hate him for it I asked him and please don't hate me or him because I really dot want to split up your band or your relationships because 1 think of all the directioners two think about how sad I would be if I was the reason for splitting you all up and three think about how sad you would be without your best mates around you?' I explain Louis shuffled in his seat as did everyone else it was an awkward silence until zayn spoke up 'yeah let's not get this get us down boys, it was her decision okay?' They all slowly nodded 'anyway I think I might be able to get Louis a girl!!!' Louis' face turns from sad to intrigued 'WHO!?' He shouts, I quickly swipe my password in my phone and get a photo of Nellie, 'wow she is beautiful!' Niall looks at the photo and quickly looks away and his face shows hurt he quickly says 'e-ermm guys I'm j-just going t-to go and ermm h-have a s-s-shower' 'wait Niall! What's up?' I ask   'N-nothing'


*6pm aka. Date night!*

harrys pov~ I really like Alisha wait no let me say that again I really LOVE Alisha. She came down looking even more beautiful than usual, if that's possible!

a/n sorry but I have to go because my school is on strike and I'm going out with some mates I will finish this off later okay?xxxx

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