Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


1. Just before the signing

Alisha's pov~  its the day, the day we see one direction at the signing! OMG can't wait!

"Hurry up Alisha!" i hear as I was curling my hair "OK I'm coming in 10 minutes just need to finish up" I would be scared but being with my best friend I am quite fine!

*10 minutes later * I walk down the stairs in my strapless pink dress and my pink kitten heels with my long brown hair curled falling just passed the middle of my back! "OMG Alisha you look beautiful!:')" Nellie exclaimed "so do you Hun!" Se was wearing a blue long dress and blue bitten heels with her hair straightened and her hair was just a hit shorter than mine. We had no idea was going to happen and that our lives would change! 


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