Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


6. Getting the boys to explain

Harry's pov ~ WOW Alisha is beautiful..... I really hope I get to date her! I'm really not that worried because I do get most of the girls because I'm a flirt! I just need to be careful with her, she seems as though someone has already broken her heart..or even more than just a broken heart? "What?!" Alisha asks "oh sorry :s just deep in thought!" I say blushing "what were you thinking about love?" "OMG did you just call me lo- wait sorry I just think you are beauti- I mean perfect" she smiles and starts blushing like crazy "t-thanks" 


alishas pov~ I need to stop blushing!!!!!!!!!!! I have to admit out of them all I would choose Harry I always knew I would, but I just said I need to spend time with them just so that I could be with one direction!!! Haha sneaky I know! "Hey Alisha I think I might need your number for..ummmmmm emergencies?" Harry asks nervous "Kay" I get his phone and put my number in his. He looks really pleased "so umm Alisha about Niall screaming out about everything at the signing, I'm sorry but we all do love you and each of us all want you so much but we will respect your decision no matter what!" Harry says "Kay thanks, but what was it about cos he says you have been stalking me?" I ask "umm yeah we kinda have, we found you when you tweeted us saying 'OMG guys please follow me pleaseeeeeeeeeee xoxo' and we looked on your profile and saw all your pics and fell in love! So we followed you and I was about to DM you but my parents made tea and I totally forgot!" Harry says in one breath!  All I can get out it "wow.."

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