Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


4. Big surprise?

Nellies pov~ "OH MY GOD IT STARTS IN 5 MINUTES!?!!?!?!?!?!!!" I scream! Alisha screams and starts fangirling!


Alisha's pov~ oh my god *5mins later* WE ARE BEING LET IN!!!!!!!!!!! I'm near the front and the boys seem to be looking for something.....someone! I was there in front of the boys "hey boys can you sign my album please" I try saying with confidence "sure" Harry whispers something to Liam...


harrys pov~ "Liam...it's her!" I whisper to Liam "I know, stay cool.." 

 Zayns pov~ "Louis I could totally scream right now!!" 


Alisha Pov~ I was just about to say something when Niall screams "OMFG ITS YOU! WE LOVE YOU ALISHA AND WE TOTALLY STALK YOUR BLOG AND IMAGINE US MEETING YOU YOUR GORGEOUS ME AND THE BOYS ALWAYS FIGHT OVER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" All I can say is "I love you all..." "Did you just hear that boys....SHE LOVES US!!!!" Harry screams! They all scream and jump over the table and hug me, then zayn says "now...who gets to date her?

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