Alisha and Nellie are at a signing then when the boys meet her, everything changes...


7. Asking

Louis pov~ urghh its not fair Harry gets all the girls and me niall zayn and Liam don't get any (well apart from dani el and Perrie) 'hey Alisha' 'hayyyy lou!' 'Ermm excuse me Louis but me and Alisha were talking so please can you ermm...how can I put this GO AWAY?! 'Look guys I love all of you but I really don't want to get in the way or your friendship or the band, the way this is going I'm probably going to split up the band' Alisha said with a strong sadness voice..


alishas pov~ I really don't want to split up the band I just want to date Harry without the other boys getting in our way, but I can't ask out Harry if Louis Niall Liam and zayn are there, so ill just have to get him alone! 

*2 hours later in Harry's flat* 

alishas pov~ this is my chance I'm going to ask harry out! 'Ermm Harry c-can I t-t-talk to y-you a-alone?' I ask stuttering wow..embarrassing much!? 'Yeah sure love' good now here's my chance. We are walking out and I am trembling with fear, I don't know why, oh I know because I might split up the band...please I don't want to split up the band :'(. 'So ermm I w-was w-w-wondering if we c-c-could go on a d-d-date some time?' Please say yes please say yes please say yes plea- I was interrupted in my thoughts by Harry saying.....

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