Near to you - Song Competition please read!!!

This is my entry for the write a story from lyrics competition. Please like, favourite and comment!! Much appreciated :D


1. Sweet 16

"Surprise!" Sophia squealed with glee as all her friends appeared from their hiding places. Not that she had been expecting it but it was still great to know they had gone to all this trouble to throw a party for her. It was June 7th 2013 and today was Sophia's birthday. Sweet 16. She loved having a June birthday. Sun was shining and it seemed as if the whole world was just so much happier. 

Her grin widened as her mother, Karen, approached, arms wide. They hugged tightly,

"Thanks Mum! This is beyond fantastic!" She cried.

"Don't blame me for this chaos! It was Alice and Lauren who did most of the organising. All I had to do was think of what to go for your 16th! You like the sound of presents?" Sophia nodded eagerly, feeling just like a kid all over again. Karen took her daughters hand a pulled her through the suffocating crowds of excited teenagers. She led her into her bedroom. Sophia's hopes were high. When she saw the letter laying on the bed she could not help but feel a pang of disappointment sharply pierce her in the heart.  She quickly shoved those feelings away and quickly tried to force a grin. Karen chuckled,

"I can tell it wasn't what you were hoping for. You didn't look thrilled. Don't worry; this isn't your present exactly. It's just something I wrote for you." Sophia gave a tiny sigh of relief. She picked up the letter but when she started to rip the seal of the envelope her mother interrupted her.

"Not now, wait until the end of the party. This is important Sophia. You have to take time reading it. You understand?" Her voice was solemn and Sophia nodded slowly, she didn't have clue what the letter held but in a way she was now looking forward to the parties end. Nevertheless, she ran back to her friends. She was ready to celebrate.

The floor was strewn with confetti and litter. The kitchen was an abyss of dirty washing and half deflated balloons wafted at the ceiling. Sophia collapsed onto her bed. It was 1am and all her friends had left. She was beyond exhausted but had loved every second of her Sweet 16. From the corner of her eye she caught a glimpse of the envelope. Suddenly she was no longer and tired and only curious. She took the envelope and broke the seal. It was only then that she released that the envelope was old. It was ripped at the edges and crumpled, as if it had been stowed away for years. She peeled at the paper and unfolded it gently, as if it could crumble in her hands at any moment. She barely recognised the scrawny writing that was her mothers. With a sense of dread and excitement she began to read...

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