Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


2. Weding Guest

Once there was a woman. She had a child when she was young even though she wasn’t ready to be a mother. She tried to care for the child but one day the stress got the better of her. In a fit of insane furry she strangled the child and stabbed him in the back of the head. Panicking she carried his body to the moor and buried him. She then told her husband he had been kidnaped. The police searched but found nothing.

Five years later the woman had another child, a girl. She raised her and cared for her. But she never told her about her older brother.

The girl whose name was Emily grew to be very pretty and well-mannered young woman. So it was no surprise at just 20 years old she was going to be walked down the aisle. ‘Isn’t this wonderful?’ Her best friend and maid of honour Sophie cried. ‘Now you’re Miss Harper. But in a few minutes you’ll be Mrs Jennings.’ Emily nodded. ‘I just wish dad was here to give me away. Say Sophie did you see that guy. The young one in the waist coat. Do you know who he is?’ Sophie shook her head. ‘No why?’

‘There’s something odd about him.’

Meanwhile the groom was talking to his brother in another room. ‘You are sooo lucky man. I’ve been single 15 years now and you’re getting married.’ Harvey Jennings grinned at his brother. ‘You’ll find the right girl. One day. Actually I was wondering do you know who that guy I saw outside was. The really pale one.’ His brother shrugged. Dunno man. I’ve only met Em’s mother and step father.’ Harvey nodded and pushed all thoughts of the stranger out of his head. He didn’t know why he’d asked. He didn’t know half the brides friends and family anyway.

The wedding went smoothly and everyone was excited about the reception. The bride and groom tried to speak to the strange guest but he kept disappearing without a trace. Eventually Emily went to sit with her mother.  ‘This is one of the happiest days of my life.’ She sighed. ‘Really? So what are the others?’ Her mother asked. ‘All the days before dad got ill. The day I met Harvey.’ Her mother smiled at her. Emily turned to look over at Sophie and found herself facing the mystery guest. He was even stranger close up. With dark brown hair and skin so pale it looked almost see through. There was also an awful stench and his teeth were yellow. She forced a smile. ‘Hello. I’m sorry but I don’t know you’re name.’ The man who looked not much older than Emily herself looked at her in a confused way. ‘Didn’t mummy tell you? Didn’t she tell you about your big brother? Or did mummy fell too guilty? Did mummy not want to talk about her little boy?’ Then he turned to face Emily’s mum. People were staring in their direction. ‘Don’t you recognise me mummy? Don’t you recognise your little boy? The one you strangled.  The one you stabbed. The one you buried on the moor. Don’t you recognise me?  Because I recognise you.’ He shook his head and two maggots fell out of his hair. The stench had gotten worse. ‘You’re a bad mummy. Bad mummies are bad people. Bad people should be punished.’ The man pulled a rusted blade from his pocket and slashed Emily’s mother on the back of the neck. ‘I’ll look after you Little sister. If anyone hurts you. If you scream I’ll come.’ One of the guests lunged towards him but he had disappeared.

 Emily’s mother didn’t die straight away. But before she died she admitted to killing her son Shaun and told them where she’d buried the body. When the police dug up the body it had been reduced to a skeleton.

Emily insisted on giving him a funeral. It was a small affair. Just Emily, Harvey and his brother, and Shaun’s ghost. Who once again appeared in his waist coat and black jeans. ‘Do you think he’ll really come back?’ She asked her husband. ‘Maybe. Just stay safe and don’t scream unless you have to.’ Emily nodded then turned to face the hill where she saw her brother stand. He turned to face her, and then disappeared.   

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