Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


3. Tick Tick Tick

Tick, tick, tick. The sound used to comfort me. When I was younger I would listen to grandfather’s clock make that noise every night. It always put me to sleep. My dad died when I was small and when I was 12 mum was dying. Grandfather told me about when grandmother died. ‘She insisted on staying home so she could listen to the clock. She loved it as much as you do.’ I loved listening to grandfather’s stories but this one creped me out. That night when I lay listening to the Tick, tick, tick I pictured my dead grandmother, and my dying mother.

 My mum died not long after. At first my friends comforted me but eventually they faded away. I was left with only my grandfather for company. But the worse thing was everywhere I went I heard the ticking noise. I couldn’t ask grandfather to move the clock it would break his heart to know I don’t like it any more. Every tick reminded me I was getting closer and closer to the hour of my death. Everywhere I went I heard that blasted ticking. My grandfather noticed I was acting strangely. I kept falling asleep, I wasn’t eating properly, and I locked myself in my room. He probably just thought I was just grieving. He took me to a bereavement councillor but nothing they did could help. Probably because I was too ashamed to mention the ticking.

 Eventually I grew so sick of the ticking I decided to tell my grandfather about my problem. I looked all over the house for him. At first I thought he had gone out, but then I remembered he would have told me. Any way his car was still in the drive. The ticking noise just got louder and louder, until I finally snapped and ran back up stairs. I stormed up to the clock. And stopped. There in the case where the pendulum swings was my grandfather’s severed head. A note was pinned to the case. I grabbed it and began reading. The writing was curly and old fashioned. It simply read ‘You’re next. Love Grandmother.’ I rang the police and they said they’d be right over. It tried to leave but the doors were locked. So I hid in the cupboard under the stairs. I’m so scared. The ticking noise is still going but I can’t leave or do anything about it. I can hear footsteps coming closer. I’m just praying it’s the police.               

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