Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


6. Homeless Girl

As the rain hit the window Elizabeth sighed. She was bored stiff. Her grandma droned on but none of it was going in. She had just started nodding off when out of the corner of her eye she saw a figure. She turned in her seat and stared out the window. “Elizabeth. Are you listening to me?”

“What? Oh Yeh grandma. Sorry.” Her grandma shook her head and carried on talking. Elizabeth turned slightly but there was no one there.

Elizabeth was 12 and was staying with her Grandma for the summer. It had only been 2 days and she was already bored out of her mind. It was the middle of nowhere. There was no signal to text her friends. No WI FI and it rained all the time. The next day she went out looking for the stranger. It had looked like a girl her age. But she found no one. A week later she was left home alone whilst her Grandma went to the shops. Bored to tears Elizabeth wandered around the house, until she heard a noise like a faint knocking sound on the door. “Hello.” She called. No reply. “Who’s there?” She peered through the net curtains to see a scared looking girl the same age as her wearing nothing but a nightie. Quickly she unlocked the door and pulled her in. The girl stood there in the hall dripping wet. “Are you ok? What’s your name? Are you lost?” Elizabeth’s words came out in a jumble. “My name is Emily. I’m not lost but I am very wet. Can I stay here until the rain lets up?”

“Sure grandma won’t mind. Where do you live?”

“In the woods.”

“In a house?”

“No in the woods.”

“You’re homeless?” Emily shook her head. “No the woods are my home.” Elizabeth couldn’t believe it. She hated staying with her grandma but living in the woods would be hell. “Would you like a shower? I’ve got some clothes you could have.” Emily thanked her. After she’d been washed and dressed in a t-shirt and a pair of faded jeans she looked normal. The two girls got talking. Emily explained how her dad had been really abusive to her because her mum died in labour. She was bullied at school by the students and one of the teachers. She ran away when she was 10 and had been living in the woods ever since. Elizabeth felt sorry for her. She thought her life was bad but now she just felt selfish. When it started getting dark and her grandma hadn’t come home Elizabeth began to worry. She couldn’t call her because she didn’t have a phone and there was no signal of course. Emily suggested they go look for her. They went out sharing Elizabeth’s umbrella and walked towards the woods. “What’s that?” asked Emily pointing. Elizabeth looked, and screamed. There hanging from the branches was her grandma riddled with bullets. “Elizabeth!” Emily screamed pointing towards the house. Emily turned to see a shadowy figure walking towards them holding a gun. “Run!” The two girls legged it. Elizabeth was sure she could escape when she tripped and fell. Struggling as she was yanked upwards she turned to look at her grandma’s killer. He wasn’t very old, about early 30’s. His blue eyes sparkled with animal like cunning. “Emily!” she screamed. “Emily help!” the man pressed a cloth over her mouth and nose just as Emily appeared from the trees. She stared at them. The cloth smelt odd and her head was spinning. Emily smiled. Through the haze Elizabeth heard her voice. “Hello daddy. Didn’t I do well?”

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