Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


5. Giggles

I can’t tell you my name. But everyone calls me Giggles. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m so optimistic and cheerful all the time. Or my because of my manic giggling. I’m not a normal girl. I’ve been in care all my life. My mother had severe schizophrenia so she couldn’t look after me. I went from foster home to foster home. Sometimes I lived with my aunt and uncle. But most of the time I was in care. I think that’s why I collected buttons and did the things I did. I needed something permanent. Something that would last.

At some point my mum was given a lobotomy. My aunt tried to care for her sister. But I hated seeing her like that. When I visited her she would either be smiley and normal or rambling and manic. But that was the woman I’d grown up knowing. This was a stranger, it wasn’t my mother. So I smothered her with a pillow.

When I’d just started year 9 I met a boy called Will. I loved Will with all my heart. But one day he decided he was bored with me. I didn’t want to let him go. So I kidnaped him and kept him in a box in the basement. I got all the satisfaction I could from him. Then let him go, though not before cutting of his hands and tongue. He committed suicide.

 Then halfway through year 9 I met Clive. I loved him like I loved Will. But he cheated on me. So I tied him up in my room and gouged his eyes out (wearing a mask as I did). I got all the satisfaction I could from him. Then let him go. He committed suicide as well.

 Then in year 10 I met Josh.  Josh lasted the whole year. But in year 11 he left me. So I locked him in my cupboard. I carved markings into him and got all the satisfaction I could from him. Then let him go. He went insane.

 In year 11 I met Isaac. I loved him like I loved the others, but he to broke up with me to. So I chained him to the basement wall and satisfied myself and my new desire. Human flesh. I didn’t kill him. I let him go too. He changed his name and moved away.

 Then when I’d not long left school I met Harvey. He really was the one. He even proposed after a year. But then he changed his mind. I cut off his arms and ate them. I chained him up in the basement and satisfied myself. I got hungry for more flesh. I kept cutting pieces of and eating them, until he died. So I carved a smile into his mouth.

 The police found out when the neighbours complained of the smell. The media first called me The Boyfriend Killer, but soon changed it to Giggles when I giggled manically during the court proceedings. I was locked up like a mad man. But I don’t mind. I have a permanent home now. My name is Giggles and I’m insane.  

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