Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


4. Find My Head

My name is Sam. I’m writing this from inside a mental institute in the hope one day someone will read it and believe me. I’m not going to say I’m not crazy. I know I am. But this isn’t some delusion. This is the reason behind my insanity.


I was like any other 16 year old kid. Always messing around with my friends. One day after we had finished are exams we decided to visit the old mansion on Ferndale Road. It’s a creepy old place everyone avoids. We went in without any problem. It’s not secured in any way, probably because the police don’t think it’s worth bothering with. At that point I thought they were right. It was fun sneaking in but there wasn’t anything amazing, a load of cobwebs and some broken junk. Amongst the junk was a record player with a record. It seemed like the only thing not broken. My mate Luke put the needle on the record and it started playing. ‘Find my head before the first leaves. And no one has to grieve.’ It sounded just like a boy about our age. ‘P-p-probably just a prank.’ My other friend Zane stuttered. I nodded but Luke didn’t look convinced. He’d always been superstious and we often teased him for it. However he wasn’t afraid of anything.  We wandered through the mansion looking for a head. Even if it was just a fake dummy one. The things we found got weirder and weirder. Voodoo dolls, taxidermy creatures, skulls, and a severed hand. But no head. We opened one door and on the wall opposite written in what looked like blood was ‘Given up Sam? Still looking Luke? Aren’t you scared Zane?’ ‘I’m outa here’! Zane yelled and he made a run for it. ‘Zane wait,’ Luke yelled after him and chased after him. I followed but soon my head started spinning. I stumbled and fell down the stairs.

When I’d regained consciousness it was getting dark. ‘Luke! Zane!’ I called no reply. I walked down the hall looking for them. Eventually I reached the door of the room with the record player. From inside I could hear a record of a boy laughing. I slowly opened the door, only to come face to no face with Luke’s headless body. I screamed and ran out the door. Once outside I stopped suddenly. ‘Kid are you ok?’ A man walking his dog asked. I noticed he was looking at my hands. I looked down and saw I was clutching a blood stained axe. It was then I lost it. I fell to my knees and started laughing. I just laughed and laughed. Even when the police arrived. Even when I was taken to the institute. Even when they put me in a strait jacket.


 I’ve calmed down a bit down. But I still occasionally go into fits of screaming and laughing. They found Luke’s body and blamed me. Maybe they’re right. Maybe I did do it. But if I did I swear I was possessed or something. If you find Zane ask him about that day. He’ll tell you it’s true. Even though they never found any record, or any writing, or any creepy objects. I know the truth and now you know too.

Sam Hared

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