Sleep Tight

A series of short horror stories written by me.


9. Can't Get Out

You're wandering through the woods in the dark. You wouldn't normally but this is a short cut. Actually you hesitate to call it a wood. In the day you can see right through it. You once counted how many trees you passed when walking from the road to the park on the other side. It's only about 8 or 9 trees. But the thing is, you've passed more than 8 or 9 trees. It's not like you turned around 90 degrees. And even if you did you would of reached the end by now. You're tired and it's getting late. It was dark when you left but it's getting darker still. The woods don't get any thicker but they don't seem to be thinning out either. Eventually you come across a small building. With dirty red brick walls and two large rusted doors with peeling red paint. Maybe you should turn around, try coming back the way you came. But something draws you to that strange little building. It can't hurt to look. It's probably been abandoned for years. Though how something can be hidden from view in woods this small you have no idea. You creep towards the door, though you have no idea why as there is obviously no one around. Slowly and tentatively  you peered in, only to reel back in shock at what you see. Scattered over the floor are dead bodies. They haven't been killed by someone else or even themselves. They've died of starvation, from eating poison berries or from the cold. Written and carved all over the walls in different handwriting are the words 'I CAN'T GET OUT!' You might break down give up hope. You might weep on the floor or scream madly. You might try to leave only to arrive back at that accursed building. It's no good, you're trapped there. You may be wondering why I'm telling you this. Well the truth is 'I can't get out.' 

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