The Lonely Ones

Spencer just moved to a new state and school. Looking for friends she runs onto a boy who she thinks is cute. Will he ditch her for his 'posse' who doesn't let him hang with girls or will he do the opposite? Read if you want to find out!


2. The Bus Ride

The Lonely Ones

Chapter 2
     Ricky says bye and leaves me stranded alone in the center of the gym. A group of girls walk over to me and say, "don't worry. He means what he says. His 'posse' doesn't let him hang with girls. I'm Chloe. This is Shannon. This is Emily. And this is Tami. What's you're name?" I smile at them and tell them my name. I think I just made 4 new friends! 

     When school got out, I headed toward the bus loop. Before I reached my bus, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around startled, looking eye to eye with Ricky. I thought his 'posse' wouldn't let him hang out with girls? "Oh, sorry if I startled you," he says. "I thought your 'posse' wouldn't let you hang out with our 'kind'?" I ask putting emphasis on 'kind'. For some reason, his face shows a sign of hurt. But why?

     "Look Spencer. My group is on a different bus than I am on. So I can hang out with you now. What is your bus number?" He says in a serious tone. "Um, its number 0119," I tell him. "Great! That's my number too! We can sit together! Only if you want to though." I smile at his suggestion and nod a slight yes. I follow him to the back of the bus and he let's me slide in first saying, "ladies first." I let out a slight giggle. That made him smile a bit. 

     "Hey," Ricky says. "How about we hang out sometime after school, or on a weekend?" I try to think if he is worth my time. OF COURSE HE IS! "I would love to," I say trying to keep my cool. He smiles and leans back, closing his eyes. I do the same but before I do, I look at him for a minute. He just looks so... So peaceful. I smile and then close my eyes, leaning back on the bus seat. I then feel someone's eyes on me so I open them. I jump at the sight of Ricky looking at me so close to my face. "Ah! Oh my god Ricky! What are you doing?" I practically yell. "Its time to go. And sorry if I scared you." "Its ok." When I look at him, he is already standing. I grab my bag and he grabs my arm and he drags me out of the bus. We stop and I look at him. "What was that about?" I ask laughing. "No reason." Since I have to get home and so does he, we exchange numbers and say our goodbyes.

     "Hey honey! How was your first day of high school?" My mom asks when I walk in the door. "Great!" I kind of want her to ask why, but I doubt she will. "Oh yeah? And why is that?" I tell her about my day today and she got really excited. "You made 5 new friends already!? That's great!" She says and hugs me tight, so tight that its hard for me to breathe. "Can't. Breathe." I say exasperated. She let's go and apologizes.

     After dinner, I got ready for bed. Climbing into my loft bed, I think: I cannot wait for tomorrow.

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