The Lonely Ones

Spencer just moved to a new state and school. Looking for friends she runs onto a boy who she thinks is cute. Will he ditch her for his 'posse' who doesn't let him hang with girls or will he do the opposite? Read if you want to find out!


1. New at School

The Lonely Ones

Chapter 1
     It was the first day of high school and I was petrified. How on Earth can people live through this anxiety? 
"Spencer! Breakfast is ready!" My mom yelled from downstairs. "I'm coming, just one sec!" I grab some clothes from my closet and put a light amount of makeup on just to cover up a few small blemishes. I dart downstairs at the smell of bacon and waffles. "Good morning honey, how did you sleep?" She asks me. Considering I had anxiety before I went to bed, I don't think I slept very good, I want to say but instead I say, "good." She nods and packs lunch for me, my sister, and brother. My sister Britt is 8 years younger than I am, and my brother Michael is 2 years older than me. "Spencer,you better hurry up if you wish to catch the bus," mom tells me. 
     While at school, a boy walks right into me. "Ow!" I shriek. The boy turns around and his beautiful blue eyes look right into my poo-colored eyes. "Oh, I'm sorry. I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm Ricky." He holds out his hand and I shake it saying, "No, its my fault. I- I wasn't looking where I was going. I'm Spencer." The bell rings and he tells me he has to go. I look down at my schedule and notice that I have Gym first. I groan and head towards the gymnasium. 

     When I walk in the gym, there are a ton of people running around, dancing, and sitting and laughing with friends. I have zero friends because I just moved here to New Jersey from Virginia. Its not until a minute passes that I notice Ricky. At least I know one person here. And also since I have just moved here, I don't have a boyfriend yet. I head towards him trying not to get hit with basketballs. I reach the side Ricky is on and say hi. He looks confused and then says, "oh yeah! You're the girl who bumped into me, right?" Wait.. Didn't he bump into me? Whatever. "Uh, yeah. I'm new here and I was wondering if you could show me around since you've been here longer?" He grabs my arm and tugs me away from his 'posse' and says, "listen. I know you're new here, but I have a reputation to keep. And I can't be hanging around people like you." What the heck is that supposed to mean? "What are you saying?" I ask confused. "I'm saying that I can't hang out with girls. My group thinks that if I do, I will change and not hang out with them anymore." Was he telling the truth? Or was he covering what he actually meant? 

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