Good In GoodBye

Rue is a teen living with a tough life. Her parents abuse her, she is bullied, and her love life is uneventful, because she has no one in it. But one decision can change that, and her new boy sets out to change the fact that she can't see herself underneath the barrier she's put up to the world.


1. Ordinary Girl


"Rue! Get your lazy arse down here and clean this kitchen!" My mum yells. I sigh, put my school work aside, and noiselessly make my way downstairs. The kitchen is a disaster. Food is everywhere, dirty dishes are piled up around the sink, the floor needs swept and mopped, and the counters need bleached. "Yes ma'am!" I call back, beginning to take care of the food. I drag the trash can along with me, scraping everything clean. With the food gone, it doesn't look as bad. I start on the dishes, scrubbing until each one shines. 

Floor is done, dishes, and table, I bleached the counters. I empty the trash and admire my work. In two hours, and hoarding mess was transformed into a cozy kitchen. "Rue!" My father screams. "Yes sir?" He throws me a roll of money. "Get out of here. You're not good enough to be a part of this family." He snaps. I look at my mother, who nods in agreement. "Okay." I say. "Give me about thirty minutes." My father laughs. "We're going out." He and my mother walk out the front door, arm in arm. I sigh and go to my small room. My closet is full of clothes from Good Will, but are still good. I fill a duffel bag with the clothes and throw in my brush and an extra pair of shoes. 

"Anything else? I ask myself. I go to my parents' room. A framed photo of my uncle and brother sit on the night stand. I grab it, and go into their bathroom. A stack of fifties sit on their toilet. I pocket them and go through the medicine cabinet. Pot. Weed. Crystal Meth. No wonder they gave me such a big wad. I grab a box of tampons, and throw in a few eyeliner pens. I skip to their closet. My dresses from the dances I was required to attend sit in a row, and the shoes directly under them. I grab a pair of hiking boots, and close the door. I didn't need food. None. 

I pull on a pair of knee-high boots without heels and hurry outside, patting my pockets to be sure I had all the cash I was given and found. Once reassured, I make my way to a hotel. I didn't think for the name. I walk inside and request a room, any room. I just need to hide. "Room 302, Floor three." The woman behind the desk says with a smile, handing me my key. I thank her and go to the elevator, humming 'Here Comes Good Bye' softly. It dings, and the doors slide open. Five lads get off, laughing, and one's face in particular falls when he see's me. "Lads? Is it okay if I skip this one?" They shrug. "Sure Lou. What's wrong? You never turn down going to the club." He shrugs.

"Homesick is all." They nod. "Okay. Be back whenever Daddy brings us back." The four leave, and stripes, "Lou", gets back in the elevator with me. "You okay, love?" He asks softly. His voice is gentle and has an British lilt. I shrug. "My parents are drug dealers and kicked me out." I admit. He nods. "Room number?" I shrug and say, "Room 302, floor three." He grins. "Room 303." I give him a small smile. "Cool, so we'll be seeing each other a lot then?" He nods, and takes my  bag. "So, what're you living off of?" He asks casually. I shrug again. "I honestly don't know. They gave me a lot, but I didn't count it." I admit. He nods, and the elevator jerks to a stop. "What? We're not on the third floor yet..." An alarm goes off, and a light inside the elevator begins flashing red. 

"What's happening?!" I yell over the sirens. "I don't know!" He sets my bag down and pulls out his phone. "Yeah, Niall?! What the hell is happening?! Okay, yeah, I'm with her, yeah, yeah, we're in a fuc-fudging elevator!" He puts "Niall" on speakerphone."Look, the alarm's going off because an armed gunman is inside! He's looking for a girl by the name of Rue." I gasp and jump back, hitting the wall. "What?" Lou mouths. I point to myself. "I'm the Rue he's looking for." Gunshots sound from the floor above us. I whimper, and he pushes me to the floor. "I don't care, he can't have you. How much did he give you?!" I pull the roll and wadded up fifties from my pockets. "Thousand... Two... Three... Four... Five..." I keep going until I get to fifty. "Almost fifty thousand." I groan. Louis hides it in my bag, and I shove it in a corner. "We'll be outside." Niall's voice echoes. "It's going to be a while, Lou. They're talking about getting SWAT. Just hang in there. Put her on the phone. And take me off speaker, Louis William Tomlinson!" Louis takes me off speaker and hands me the phone. "Ello?" I say softly. 

"Hey love." A warm voice says, slightly scratchy. "How're you?" I whimper, and Louis rubs my shoulder reassuringly. "His name is Niall, Rue. He won't bite."  Louis says. I nod, and listen to his soft singing. "Louis?" I murmur sleepily. He presses a cheek to my shoulder. "Yes love?" I sigh. "What happened to those people?" He sighs. "I don't know. Try to get some sleep, okay love?" I nod, and pass him his phone. "Mate." I hear Niall say. Louis agrees with him. I lean on his shoulder, and he puts a protective arm around me. "She's not Eleanor, but she's the one I love. From her hair, to her dimples, to her stomach, to her freckles, and her  pretty little eyes. She's got the one thing, and I love her." I lift my head. "Who?!" I yelp. He chuckles. "You." 

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