The Story of My Life

It's about a girl name Chrissy Cici who finds out she is moving to Holmes, Chapel. She reluctantly finds out after a thrilling day of school. Her parents and sibling new about for 2 months now but she was left out of the loop because she would not want to leave her friends and life. Her two older sisters get to stay behind but her and her younger brother got to go. She a a huge surprise in store when she gets there.


1. What? Moving?

      Honey sit down, my mother said. I slowly sat down on a navy blue beaten up sofa with a weird expression on my face, thinking what is going on in my head? She started up by saying Chrissy we have something to tell you, we are moving to Holmes, Chapel. We leave this Friday. So pack up what you can fit in your suit case and the rest will be shipped out. I yelled WHAT, I DON'T WANT TO MOVE! You don't got a choice, commanding my dad. I was upset because I had to say good by to my friends before this Sunday! Why does my life have to be crumbling now? I was going to ask the guy I like out name Isaac Gutierrez, he has light brown eyes that sparkle when ever he smiles with his luscious lip and Cream skin.

     After thinking about all of that, I went to my room and saw two bags that I need to pack what clothing I wanted to take with me. So I grabbed whatever I saw in my bags not caring. I stayed in my room thinking about how I'm going to tell my best friends Konnie Van. She was going to be upset because we said that we'll always be together forever but forever was coming to an end , but the worst thing is its my senior year. My patents told me they had a school already picked out for me and that they won't tell me the name until we get to where were going. Man why did my mom have to get a job that made me go a crossed the world away from my friends. 

     I heard my name being called saying its dinner time! It's only 6 o'clock  in the afternoon! Why  are we eating earlier than we normally do? I don't really care anyways all I can't stop thinking about is moving. I go out of my room and sit down at the table not saying a word, while my mom is passing out the plates. Normally I help her cook and everything but I'm not in the mood to do anything! After she's done passing the plates out she tells my sibling that they have told me. The tension soon lifts after my mom said that and I say you guys new and didn't tell me! My two sisters Elizabeth who is cream-white with curly black hair, brown eyes, and rose red lip and my other sister Nicole who is tan from swimming to much with half her hair red and the otherhalf black that is straight ( she can never keep her hair one color), dark brown eyes, and has magenta colored lips. My brother who's is white with dark brown hair, dark brown eyes with freckles, and pink lips. I was so enraged at them for keeping a secrecy from me, but on the other hand I can understand because they new I would act this way. I took a shower in warm water, scrubbed my body, put shampoo on my hair, then rinsed them, then put conditioner in my hair rinsed it, got out, and put in a new pair of clothing. I let my cat into my room named Precious aka Fat Cat because she is chubby but she is a Calico with dark grey, white, orange, and brown fur all over the place. I went to my bed and laid down, it was so soft with my warm blanket that was so comfy that i fell asleep like nothing.

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