The Story of My Life

It's about a girl name Chrissy Cici who finds out she is moving to Holmes, Chapel. She reluctantly finds out after a thrilling day of school. Her parents and sibling new about for 2 months now but she was left out of the loop because she would not want to leave her friends and life. Her two older sisters get to stay behind but her and her younger brother got to go. She a a huge surprise in store when she gets there.


3. The boring week until he comes

     It was the next day after he left, I had nothing to do because I was not allowed to go to school, but I was allowed to hang out with friends! How is that possible is they are at school! I kept switching channels to the t.v. cause there was nothing good on. I got a text message from him, it said "how bored are you from 1-10?" I respond by saying 100. He goes AHA, can i come over to you're house again? I respond heck yeah. Hes say OK I'll be there at 3:30. I say OK. He comes as said and bought me a gift that was a 14 carrot heart locket that was engrave friends no matter what with mine and his picture in it. I smile and hug him and I told him I love it because I did. He goes now you have something to remember me by, I say I feel bad because I did not get you anything to remember me by! He say you can give me one thing and i ask whats that? He say a kiss on the lips would do good. I gave him a smirk and said " you want to be my first kiss?," I say pass, joking around. I had a bright idea and go lets go to the mall, he asked why?, and i said so i can get you a gift. He goes fine, I'll drive.

     We finally get to Eastridge and we walk around the mall and he look in stores that he normally would go in and I follow. I saw something that caught his eye and acted like I did not see but I did. He walked out and I got it and bought it for him, I put it in my purse. I walked out and he was in the store across and I waited outside for him. He goes can we go now? I say yes we can. We get into his car and I pull out the shirt, beanie, and a pair of shoes that had One Direction on it, he laughed cause he knew that I liked One Direction and said " I will absolutely remember you from this!" We both started laughing. It was still day light outside, so he came inside with me and we watched Disney channel. It was getting dark, so he left at 6 pm.

     The days went so fast when me and him where hanging out. we went to the park, communication hills, drive-in movie theater, and just hung out at my house. It was soo much fun hanging out with him. most of the time we had moments when we were about to kiss, but stopped because of the stupid move. When we before we went to the park we went to get something to eat, some random person came up to us and said you two make a cute couple, then she asked how long we been together. We respond by saying were not a couple, she looks at us in surprise and says i see the way you two look at each other, we stare at each other and laugh. Man that was a good memories. There is still more memories to have flashbacks on but I should save them until I move. So today is the day were leaving, its not fair i had so much fun, but now it has to end.

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