The Story of My Life

It's about a girl name Chrissy Cici who finds out she is moving to Holmes, Chapel. She reluctantly finds out after a thrilling day of school. Her parents and sibling new about for 2 months now but she was left out of the loop because she would not want to leave her friends and life. Her two older sisters get to stay behind but her and her younger brother got to go. She a a huge surprise in store when she gets there.


4. The airplane ride

     When we got to the airport i said " goodbye" to my friends and my sisters. I hugged all of them and then my mom called my name saying its time to go. I walked with my family toward the airline we had to take, but for some reason i stopped and looked back and was the only one still standing there and i waved goodbye to him for this may be the last time i see him. Then I continue to walk, as I gave her my ticket to enter, I wanted to cry soo badly but did not because i did not want my parents and brother see me cry. AS we got on to first class we sat in our spots, I sat at the edge in the middle row chairs,  my brother sat in the middle, my dad sat by the window and my mom sat at the edge of the seat where my brother and dad where.

     The captain told us to fasten our seat belts , so everyone did. The plane started to take off and when he put the safety light on saying we can roam around, I got up and stretched. My family fell asleep because it was night time, I was up and i went to the restroom and cried. it felt so good to stop holding it in and let it out. After I let it all out of my system i went back out and fell asleep. 

     It was morning and I was asleep until I heard the captain over the speakers saying please put you're seat belts on we are going to land. I had a really good sleep or I was really happy to get of the plane because i was really excited, I did not know which one it was but man, I ran off that plane so I could call my friends. I got no service inside the airport building. I heard my name called by my dad to get my luggage and we walked out of the airport got in a car that was waiting for us. We drove off to where there were two story house that were so pretty. 

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