The Story of My Life

It's about a girl name Chrissy Cici who finds out she is moving to Holmes, Chapel. She reluctantly finds out after a thrilling day of school. Her parents and sibling new about for 2 months now but she was left out of the loop because she would not want to leave her friends and life. Her two older sisters get to stay behind but her and her younger brother got to go. She a a huge surprise in store when she gets there.


2. Bad news

       I woke up feeling fresher then ever. i got out of bed and went to my closet to pick out my outfit for today. I decided to go with a blue dress that had white floral patterns on it. after I got dressed i went in to the restroom and brushed mt teeth until the were shiny white. I then put mouthwash in my mouth and gargled and stuff, then spit it out. I then brushed my light brown hair natural curved hair i was staring at myself and put a little bit of eyeliner one my light brown eyes, then moved to my long eyelashes and put mascara on. I then saw my pale pink lips and put my strawberry scented lip gloss on my lips, I looked at myself one more time to make sure that I look fine. I smiled at myself satisfied, when I heard my sister yell through the door saying hurry up I need to do my makeup, brush my hairs, and brush my teeth too. I stay in the a little longer to get her frustrated. Then my brother comes out of his room and yells hurry up Chrissy I need to brush my teeth too. I then got out for them.

      I made breakfast for me and them, it was bacon, sausage, and egg sandwich. They soon come rushing out to. They then go to the table to sit down and eat, while Nicole is jumping in her seat because she is a Freshman in college and my brother Mathew is jumping for joy too because he's a Sophomore in high school as I'm a Senior in high school. They ate like there ways no tomorrow. I was finished eating before they came to the table. They got up and ran around like chickens with no head. They lost all their school supplies. I knew where everything was cause they are forget full people. I help my sister Nicole find first by going you're pencils are in you're computer desk, the paper is in the filing cabinet, and you're backpack is in the room. Now I help my brother Mathew by going remember you put all you're supplies in you're backpack and you put it in my car, he goes ooh yeah. I then grab my backpack. We were heading out when our names were called by our dad, we stop in our tracks and he comes out of his room to give us our allowance and lunch money, which is $10 for lunch and $300 allowance money. Me and my brother waited for Nicole to pull out of the driveway so we can leave in my car at 7:30 am and arrived at school at 7:45 am. i parked in the parking lot and my brother runs out of the car.

     The school bell does not ring until 8 am. I find my friends and I so happy cause I have my best friend and the guy i like in all my classes, but then I realize that I'm moving and that its not permanent. Someone from the groups notices that I had a sad expression on my face and said whats wrong? The all stated at me. I was going to reply but the bell rang and he said "tell us later!" Me, Isaac, and Konnie walk to first period. the teacher let us talk because its the first week of school. She asked me what was wrong and Isaac nodded his head in agreement. I said " i moving" She yells WHAT? and Isaac looked down with a sad face. i didn't notice,but Konnie did. The bell rang ti go to second. It was the same we got to talk cause first week of school. It was finally break and we saw each other while walking to our hang out spot. we started to ask how our classes were and we all said boring, then we all laughed. It got serious after that and the all stare at me to answer the question that was asked earlier. I go I'm moving. They all scream What? some one asked where? I say Holmes, Chapel. They all screamed Europe. I go yup. It was silent, then the bell rang and we went to fourth and fifth. Then lunch, we were silent for the whole 30 minutes. the bell rang again this time we went to fifth and sixth. Then school was over.

     I went to my car and waited for my brother, when I was waiting I saw Isaac. I called out Isaac name but he ignored me and I know he heard me cause he looked at me then looked away, he had a sad look on his face that I have not seen before. I was wondering what was wrong, but I got scared from my brother slamming my car door closed. I opened my car door and got in, then started my car. I drove out of the parking lot, and when we got home my brother went directly to his room. I parked my car, locked the car, and went to my room to finish putting all my other stuff in the boxes like I was supposed to. I got done with one box and I was going to do my second box when I got a call. It was Isaac! I answered it and he goes do you want to hang out? I ask when? He goes now. I say I can't unless you wants to come to my house? He goes sure, but why? I say I have to pack for the moving. He goes oh yeah, Whats you're address? I say its 3026 Sun Wood Dr. He says I'm on my way. I say OK, bye. He responds bye.

     I continue packing the boxes when my mom called my name and I came out of my room to where she was and I saw Isaac. I ask him if he wants to help me pack. He says sure. I lead him into my room and he immediately helps me pack the boxes. We finished up faster than I thought and we just hung out in my room. My mom comes into my room and goes can we talk, I say yeah what is it? She goes you're not going to go to school the rest of the week and I looked down. My mom walks out the room and Isaac see me about ready to cry and he puts his arm around me and tries to comfort me but fails. He still hugging me when he whispers in my ear that he likes me and he was going to ask me out on a date, that he's liked me since last year. I look up at him and say why now? He says I didn't know you were moving and I was going to ask you. I say it worked out for the better I guess, he stare at me like excuse me!, and I say if we were together it would be harder for us to say goodbye, he nods and agrees. I spoke up and said " when I move can, we can email, text, and call each other still when we have the chance cause its different time zone, he looked up with a bright smile and agreed.

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