austin my best friend or boyfriend

Kayla moves to Miami, Florida, but she lived in California her whole life! Kayla moves next door to this boy named Austin. The became best friends, but will they become something more than best friends? Or will someone come between them and ruin it forever?


2. woke up at Austin's house

I can't believe Brock knew I moved?! Why is he here? Henry says "Who is this? What about us?" I said "This is Austin! & you decided to cheat on me! You embarrassed me in school so get away!" Then Brock came over and slapped me right across the face! Then left. I ran into the bathroom that was in my room, and locked the door. Austin came over and knocked on the door and said "Please unlock the door" so I did. He came in and hugged me, and I began to cry. Austin said "Please don't cry, I'll always protect you, I promise" then I realized he got in because my mom must have left, because she wouldn't have left Brock come into my room. I stopped crying and sat down on my bed. Then my phone started to ring it was Brock. I didn't answer it. Then Austin said "Why don't you come over to my house?" I agreed and we went over to his house. When we got there we went into his room it was really nice. There was posters all over his room from his fans!(: We decided to watch a movie, so I sat on the floor and Austin said "come up here!" so I went and layed on his bed, and he put his arm around me! I was freaking out in my head but acting cool on the outside. I must have fell asleep because when I woke up it was dark outside and I had missed calls from: Mom, and Brock. I called my mom back to tell her everything was all right. I didn't bother to call Brock, because I can't ever talk nor see him, it's not like I want to anyways! Then I said to Austin "I better go now!" and he hugged me before I left and said "text me, maybe call me?" and then he smiled. Then I said "I will!" I walked over to my house and my face wasn't red anymore. That was a good thing, so I wouldn't have to explain to my mom what happened. I looked at my phone and I got a text from Austin! It said: Hey(; How about we hang out tomorrow? It was so fun being with you" I didn't text back because I was really tired, but I will text him tomorrow!

Austin's POV (Part Of View)

Today was the best day ever! I have never felt like this around a girl like this before! This was a weird feeling, but it was good at the same time. I actually kind of like her, but I think it's to soon, I wonder if she feels the same? I might ask her tomorrow, but I'm going to go to sleep now.

* The next day *

(Still Austin's POV)

Well today I'm going to ask Kayla if she likes me back. But then the other part of me says no don't do it yet. She hasn't texted me back yet. I'm going to call her and ask her if she likes me back.

*phone ringing*

Kayla: Hello?

Me: Hey!

Kayla: What's up?


Kayla: Yeah?

Me: I was wondering...

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