austin my best friend or boyfriend

Kayla moves to Miami, Florida, but she lived in California her whole life! Kayla moves next door to this boy named Austin. The became best friends, but will they become something more than best friends? Or will someone come between them and ruin it forever?


3. starbucks with austin

Kayla: Yes?

Me: If you still wanted to hangout today still, you never texted me back

Kayla: Of course! Do you want to meet at Starbucks at like 3?

Me: Yeah! Sound good!

Kayla: Ok! Byee.

Me: Bye

I couldn't say it! I should of! But I was to scared that she would have not have felt the same way. I should wait!

Kayla's POV

Well I'm going to hangout with Austin today! But when I was talking to him on the phone I felt like he was going to say something else? I don't know. It's 2 now, so I'm going to get ready!

{ Later that day at 3 & it's still Kayla's POV }

It's 3 and I got downstairs and the there was a knock at the door. I yelled to my mum and said "MUM I'M LEAVING, I'LL BE BACK LATER!" She said "Ok!" and I opened the door and Austin was standing there and he said "You look amazing" Then I said "Aw, thanks!" He said "Aw, you're welcome! Are you ready?" and I said "Yeah! Lets go" We get into the car and drive off. While we were in the car Austin's song "Say You're Just A Friend" came on and he started to sing along, which was funny and cute! We arrived at Starbucks and go in. When we walk in you'll never guess who was sitting there. Brock. Then he gets up and says "Look who is here!"

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