Changed: Sequal to "More Than Friends"

It's been almost a year since (Y/N) left town. Justin has been doing what she told him in the note. He hasn't gone out much and hardly talks to anyone. But when he gets a job at the local Kroger and sees (Y/N) his hopes rise to an all time high. After a small talk they have, he knows things are different between them. (Y/N) now has another boyfriend named, Troye. (looks like youtuber, Troye Sivan) Justin is heart broken because its like (Y/N) forgot the note, the necklace, their love. Will Justin make (Y/N) the person she was before, and will his love for her be enough?


7. Planning It Out

(Y/N's P.O.V.)


I fell asleep while planning out my idea to show Justin I love him. I haven't told anyone about it yet. I need one person helping me, Michaela.

The next morning I got up, made myself look presentable, ate, and woke up Michaela. Right now it's about 11 in the morning. After I got Michaela to finally get up, I took her to my room and told her to take down all of the pictures on my wall of me and Justin. At first she was shocked, and then she just shrugged it off and started helping me.

I had gotten a large box to put all of the pictures in. There was about 400 pictures at most. It's now 12:30 so Michaela wanted to get dressed. After she did that, she came out and asked me, "(Y/N), what the hell is this for? I thought you still liked him, why would you want those memories to go away?"

"I don't, this is the way I will tell Justin I love him again."

"How? By going to his house and showing him all of the memories YOU forgot for about 6 months?"

"Um, ow. And, no," I was sorting through the pictures I wanted and didn't want in my plan.

"Okay? Then what are you going to do?"

"I am going to lay, the pictures I want out on his bed and couch. Knowing Justin those are probably some of his favorite places. So, why not put the pictures on there?"

"Are you going to leave him a note?"

"I guess I would have to, telling him what happened. That I still love him, more than a friend."



(AUTHORS NOTE: sorry for not updating in forever, my wifi is gay and it went out...again. More later(: ily


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