Changed: Sequal to "More Than Friends"

It's been almost a year since (Y/N) left town. Justin has been doing what she told him in the note. He hasn't gone out much and hardly talks to anyone. But when he gets a job at the local Kroger and sees (Y/N) his hopes rise to an all time high. After a small talk they have, he knows things are different between them. (Y/N) now has another boyfriend named, Troye. (looks like youtuber, Troye Sivan) Justin is heart broken because its like (Y/N) forgot the note, the necklace, their love. Will Justin make (Y/N) the person she was before, and will his love for her be enough?


32. Long Time No See


so i would just like to let all of you know, I'm done with justin fanfics ): I'm sorry. If you havent noticed already, i deleted 'Breathless' i wasnt going to write anymore and I'm keeping 'If You Love Me Let Me Go' up because im keeping it for future reference. But i do have some other news.

If you enjoy my writing style, I have a wattpad. I'll leave a link below, if you just want to look me up, my account name is: hemmingscrxwn

I liked the ending of this fanfic when it was just two books and the third was based souly on seeing a new drawing and thinking it would be cool for another cover. I'm sorry for the hype. I'm so glad you guys enjoyed this story while it lasted. I love you guys. You are the reason I found writing to be incredible. You rock. Thanks for all of your support and just everything.

I'm so sorry, but this is goodbye. I love you guys so much. Hopefully, this isn't goodbye and I'll see some of you on wattpad !!! If you follow me from here, follow and inbox me ! I'll respond and maybe follow back ????

You guys are incredible. I hope I see you on wattpad ! Love you !



-Katie <3

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