Changed: Sequal to "More Than Friends"

It's been almost a year since (Y/N) left town. Justin has been doing what she told him in the note. He hasn't gone out much and hardly talks to anyone. But when he gets a job at the local Kroger and sees (Y/N) his hopes rise to an all time high. After a small talk they have, he knows things are different between them. (Y/N) now has another boyfriend named, Troye. (looks like youtuber, Troye Sivan) Justin is heart broken because its like (Y/N) forgot the note, the necklace, their love. Will Justin make (Y/N) the person she was before, and will his love for her be enough?


9. Is It The Same?

(Justin's P.O.V.)


I was kissing her, and it felt perfect. I just had a few questions before things got too...intense, I guess. I broke the kiss to actually talk to her.

I licked my lips. Our foreheads were touching, my hands holding her face, her hands on my forearms, water dripping from my face, and our bodies touching. I took a deep breath, "What does it mean?"

She pulled away, "What do YOU mean?"

"Like, does this mean things go back to the way they used to be or are they different?"

"Justin, the reason I came back was because I was ready to see you again, come back to all of this."

I smiled, "So, they are the same?"

"Most definitely," she smiled.

I put my hands back on her face and kissed her again. The rain was still falling, we were both soaking, but we didn't care, we were together, that's all that mattered.

About 5 minutes after we stopped kissing the second time, (Y/N) grabbed her book, and I drove her home. When we got there, I could see Michaela's shadow looking out the window at us. (Y/N) and I both leaned in, our lips touched, quickly, she picked up her book, opened the car door, and walked back up to her apartment.

I kept smiling like a freak the whole ride home. As I turned onto the road my apartment was on, I nearly hit someone who was in the middle of the road. I opened my car door, stood up, and called, "Aye, are you okay?"

Before I knew it, the person was heading towards me, I knew who it was by the way they walked. I tried to get in the car but it was too late, he grabbed my arm, raised a fist, said, "I. want. my. daughter. back," and he punched me right in the face.

After that, I remember nothing.

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